There will be at least 5 servers

So based on Kaivax’s post

We know each region will have at least 5 servers. If there wasn’t going to be at least 5 per region, you’d never be able to reach the 50 character maximum limit, as you can only have 10 per server.

So if there will be at least 5, we should have 2 pve servers, 1 rp sever1 pvp server, and1 rp-pvp server.


Its a technical stretch, but I’ll pay it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My guesstimate has a low value at 30, high at 89, with 50 being more likely, spread amongst the various versions and regions.

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Blizzard will have to make more than one PvP server if they plan on maintaining the old server cap.


1 RP

If there’s only 5 servers, then by values, RP-PVP is niche, as is Oceanic servers.

Five? The demo had twenty.


I would like to introduce you to the meaning of the phrase “at least”


2 pve servers and 1 pvp server per region?




I’d like to introduce you to the term of no :poop:.

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I’m pretty sure Ion said there would be “enough” servers. Which probably means a minimum of 10.

Well too bad.

“At least” means, a minimum amount, but with a possibility of exceeding that amount by an unspecified total.

He said they’ll be starting with a “lean” number of servers. Which doesn’t imply a minimum.

And if he ‘implied’ something, there would have to be implications, wouldn’t there? :slight_smile:

Edit: for smile. I had to smile with that one.

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Ion doesn’t use monosyllabic words like “lean” because that’s beneath him. I’m pretty sure he said “enough” which means 10+.

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Trust me dude you don’t want to say that.

You will get OCE psychos replying to every single one of your posts with death threats.

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As an Australian and former OCE resident, I think I can go knife to knife. I’ve already posted the same thing with realm pop and armory stats to justify it.

5% of the population requires at least 20 servers to have just one OCE server.

Who would send a death threat on the internet?

Edit: I think I’m going to go outside. i’ve been online too long today. I’m starting to turn into an undead troll. :smiley:

I also say there will be probably 30+ servers, so OCE and RP-PVP should get at least one each (two for OCE actually).

Yikes, I think his account got hacked. Realmlist isn’t even a word.

Even so, he said in that tweet that there will be at least 10 servers. is the filename for storing the URL of the list of realms

You lost me. Where did he say at least 10?

In Vanilla the original realmlist was 89 servers for US alone.