Where's the Classic WoW Release Announcement?

This is my main reason for being so anxious. I actually thought being the first weekend in May that it’s getting so close to summer a LEGIT useful post would be announced. Was just something about this weekend that made a lot of sense. Yet here we are.

WIth it being may 3rd now and the recent updates and no beta invites out yet it is definitely not going to be playable for summer. Like actual summer while kids are out of school. mid to late august at the very earliest at this point just going off their history of updates and releases ALONE.

Lol what. Andromeda was so bad it felt like I was being trolled. For a game that was supposed to be about narrative and characters it sure lacked any kind of coherent story or any interesting characters. At least ME3 was good until the last mission. Andromeda stopped being good after the first mission.

The gunplay of Andromeda was fine but when every fight is broken up by 10-minute driving sections then it quickly gets tiresome.


There was only one good Mass Effect game, the original. Because BioWare didn’t make It.

It appears we are in alpha stage. Imaginably a lot of the team resources are geared towards The Alpha. Getting the preliminary tests done. So for the time being I figure we will get more info once the alpha is done/beta starts. Really to me there isn’t any more info to release except release date. Just assume Mid August to late July and you probably won’t be let down

Not true.

Posted today.

Alpha testing post got un-pinned today so we’re closer at least :wink:

Posted over 24 hours ago.

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He also said on Beta/Release date info. Not on some generic reply to something that could have easily been assumed by anyone.

That’s kind of a little restrictive. I mean, you could say the same thing for the 1.12 AV thread.

I mean, we all could have easily assumed we are getting 1.12 AV. Lot’s of people have been asked for something other than that but we could all assume 1.12.

November??? GTFO with that talk. If they gave us a November release date after saying it was summer, I’d have to cry a little. I got all my old guildmates all stirred up and we’re sitting on Discord waiting for release and checking for news daily. Having to wait 6 more months would be a tragedy for all involved.

You’re right 1.12 AV could have been reasonably assumed as well. Now if people wish to discuss the benefits to Blizz of choosing a previous version then so be it. But most of the questions being answered are obvious. “How was the game at 1.12?” If something like “server character restrictions” needs to be answered for people, then they really didn’t listen to the Blizzcon presentation when they said “AUTHENTIC CLASSIC EXPERIENCE.” who actually thought we’d have increased character limits, or more than 10 characters per server etc?

The main question people have been asking was cross faction character creation on PvP servers.

BUT, the point is… we did get our weekly update from a Blue.

we got our confirmation that “yes, we’re leaving it like classic” which they seem to drop a couple times a week… cept recently

Again, it was pretty obvious we WOULDN’T be able to cross-faction create. What would lead people to believe that would be changed, it would drastically change the economy on most servers. and PVP can get really wild in Classic in terms of hunting people down. 99% of the fun is seeing your enemies in the wild and not having and reaction with them other than fighting. Having the ability to just create a character meet up talk etc. etc. Definitely would ruin an authentic experience for sure.

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Last I was aware of was summer 2019. Honestly though, do not be surprised if it releases on the anniversary date of original release date back in 2004. I think it was November of 2004. Wife and I started in January of 2005. It was not until July or August of 2005 that we actually figured out the ins and outs of the game and what each classes role in the game was. I think I started and deleted like three or four classes before leveling my warlock to 60 and then a few expansions later, I think it was WOD, I leveled my hunter.

Who said there will be a beta, and who said any beta/stress test would be longer than 2 weeks? The open Beta for Vanilla was 2 weeks and it ended 4 days before the release.

July is still two months away. We know from the Earnings Call that it won’t be June 30 or earlier, but it could still happen in July easily enough.

They have never reintegrated old content for release. A large part of Beta is also finding out what’s overtuned or undertuned and rebalancing. This isn’t required here.

ME:2 was good.

ME:3 had several underlying issues, animations being one the other is the fact the combat was bland, but the story was amazing and the scene with tali saying “I have a home” tugged my heart strings, beyond the story and such the game in itself was mediocre, which I don’t disagree that andromeda could have had a better story but I played through it all and I enjoyed the core mechanics of the game.

Maybe compared to ME:3, but not ME. Mass Effect was a masterpiece, ME:2 was the cash in sequel.