Pvp realms confirmed


Is this a surprise to anyone? You’d have to assume this is one of the more obvious things they would not change.


we are also allowed to make characters. add that to the sticky as well.


people were concerned, now they cant be


Also confirmed that you’ll be able to be a Warrior, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Druid, or a Shaman/Paladin. Crazy leaks guys!


People are concerned about everything. And will continue to be.

Apparently we’ll be able to play the game folks


Recommending this post for sticky.


So many unfriendly and snarky people here.

I have saw the question asked a number of times in this forum regarding PvP realms. While it may seem obvious to most people, think on this. There were also RPPvP realms in Classic, which at this time Blizzard isn’t intending to add to Classic.

So the OP copies and pastes a blue answering the question that many people had been curious about and you have all these people come out acting as if they are superior and so cool with their snarky responses. Actually, you look quite the opposite of cool with such bad attitudes. With so many of the posters and attitudes I have saw here lately, I’m starting to wonder if people calling the Classic community toxic isn’t true. That is something I never wanted to think was true before.

Posters like this, make it so. And it’s not just this thread, someone accidentally posts on the wrong character and they are belittled and accused of being trolls, etc. I saw it happen in a thread earlier. Newsflash, I know at least for me on my phone I am constantly logged out. Once I log back in, this site randomly selects a different character, which is beyond annoying. So I have even made the mistake like some others have.

I rarely come to these forums anymore because the attitudes are just disgusting.

Rant over. But thanks OP. I had actually missed that blue post, so thanks.


‘I have seen’ Please

I mean if yer not refreshing the blue tracker every 5 minutes
 i just don’t understand what your doing with your life

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As excited as I am for Classic, it sure isn’t my life :stuck_out_tongue:

im confused lol

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Uh oh, grammar mistake. Thanks so much for pointing that out there Eaglesgift. I will fix it right away. Lol, wow.

I was typing fast and didn’t check my post for errors before hitting reply. My bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too lol.

I was replying to your comment where you had quoted me. I was just saying as excited as I am for Classic, it isn’t my life. I don’t sit and refresh the forums repeatedly for updates and news. I suppose my hype has died down a bit over time. Nothing wrong with those who do though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just check the forums on occasion and figure news will come when it comes, and Classic will come when it comes. I’m sure my hype will intensify bigtime again as we get closer to launch. Just kind of sitting back at the moment.