50 Character Limit

And in the last year they’ve added more new races than they have since classic.


I’ve only played 7 or 8 other MMOs, but WoW’s 50 characters is MUCH MORE than any other MMO allowed me. Blizzard is competing against those other games, not attempting to satisfy a few players.

Wrong. The limit is 50 characters per account, and has been for 14 years.

Blizzard REMOVED the characters-per-realm restriction. The reason is obvious – don’t pretend it isn’t. They did it because of player feedback. No matter what per-realm-limit they used, lots of players needed more.

The account-wide character limit is a different, unrelated issue.

That’s a person problem for you. Blizzard won’t change a 4-million-player game for 1 player, or even for 50 players.

I now have 35 110+ characters on one account (I used to have 2 accounts). I have deleted at least 100 characters in the past, but only characters I had not played in several months.

You sound unnecessarily hostile to the idea. Especially since if they were to allow players to have more than 50 total character slots that it would do absolutely nothing to reduce anything you can do in the game. You would never even know that these people had 100 characters unless they told you.


I have 3 mains, then one of each of the “new” allied races (which I’ve never even really played.)

Who would have time to play so many characters?

I still think they should offer a larger character limit via the online shop.


You can have 50 more!

  • in the classic :rofl:

ironic that you play game YOUR way and it is bad to play it differently, plus you made 1200 comments/forum posts, should you be stop playing game and leave forums for good?

of course not, what make you think you can controls someones life, are you dad, mom or something?

I don’t even want to main classic at all, I want have my characters that I originally have in legion, wod and mop, but allied race thing really hurt that not only delete characters, but also undelete button is limit to 11 day mark every time I undelete one character! how is this even good news?

So waste more money and not fix issue? that is ridiculous!

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The hate for altoholics is too darn high here. Let people play the game how they want to!


So true. I really want to make a character for all the various racial class fantasies but I can’t currently.

No I am not going to play them all regularly but I like to RP and also I don’t tell you how to play the game.


We need a character slot squish.
50 slots is just way too much! It’s intimidating to new players.
To be faced with 50 character slots!

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So increase 50 character limit in realm is fine, make classic wow and leave bfa sluggish is fine, but increase 50 in account, even it is up to 60 characters is to much? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKK!


The per-realm limit has been a problem for many players. Blizzard didn’t increase the limit to 50. Blizzard eliminated ANY per-realm limit. There isn’t one now.

The 50 character limit affects less than 0.01% of players. Blizzard is not going to change a rule that affects so few players.

Sorry, but you don’t get a custom game designed for you. Not for $15/mo.

See, I run into the 50 limit on occasion, but that’s due to creative writing.

I have my alts on my main server that I have for content, running things, etc. And I have a max level of every class every expansion for the sake of ensuring I have things I can arena on depending on what’s viable and such.

But then I have my alts on RP realms which I make for the sole intent of writing. I typically level those up slowly because I enjoy the interacting with other people. And you know? Sometimes I get the wild hair up my butt and wanna RP something different, so I wind up making a new toon, head into google docs and write them up a profile because it’s fun. I’m a nerd though.

All that said - like someone above had mentioned. I think a small bump to 60 given the inclusion / bringing in of Allied Races would make the most sense because Blizzard is essentially telling us with that + heritage armor + core race heritage armor to go out, make new toons, and collect everything we can. I don’t think anything more than that is needed.


Increase cap for servers and not account character cap, gotcha!

“How you play the game is wrong”


I still think they should sell a character cap increase per account on the shop for a fee. This would be a win for everyone! Seeing how most people won’t need to purchase it.


After 10 years of playing this game, I was getting dangerously close to hitting the limit even with deleting a lot of characters. And let me tell you, each character I deleted was painful as I put a lot of thought and creative energy for each one. Now, with allied races, it was inevitable I was going to hit the limit.

Look at this from the point of view from a paying customer. Part of the features I paid for in Legion and BfA is the allied races, which I have to devote a lot of work into unlocking. So, of course, after I go to all that effort, I’m going to want to roll a new character! That’s the reward for the feature. I won’t get the heritage armor if I shell out even more money for a race change. What benefit is the feature without having the slots to take advantage of?

Sorry, but Blizzard made upping the character limit on the accounts necessary by adding allied races as a feature of the purchase of the expansion. You shouldn’t have to buy two expansions to access all the features.


This exactly. it will only effect 0.01% as so many others claim.
I’d happily pay for more slots. Even if in the end the costs would be higher than having a second account. convenience is worth it.