Will Classic allow both factions to be playable?

You were able to communicate with the opposite faction outside the game during Vanilla. We did on the forums all the time.

I don’t feel like it’s strictly about communication, actually to me it’s more about meaningful choices (e.g. pick your faction). Meaningful choices is a fundamental ingredient for a good RPG. Isn’t that what Vanilla/Classic is all about?


Yes and 2004 is a vastly different internet landscape than 2019.

It’s weird that things might actually change over 15 years.

Different Factions = Different Servers
Cross-Faction collusion is going to be rampant enough with all the other methods of communication and organization out there. Don’t need it to be any easier.

Battle.net, Discord, Twitch, to name a few.

Ahhh, IRC, what memories.

I usually like to make a character of both factions but if this goes through on non-pvp servers I guess I’ll just stick with alliance, without blood elves the only race I really like is troll. At least I like gnomes, dwarves, night elves and female humans.

So I’m not really against this if it ends up being the way things are. I know which side I like better, and if I want to play the other side I can always choose a different server, there’s not much reason to play opposing sides on the same server as other than goblin auction house shenanigans you can’t even really interact with yourself.

I might be slightly peeved if there’s only one RP server but I’ll get over it.

You can just message people on Battle(dot)NET without any approval from the receiver?

How is someone going to know my Discord or Twitch ID from my character name in game?

In Classic we had the realm forums, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, IRC, etc.

I fail to see how any of the items you mention mean we should now allow both factions on the same server on PvP realms.

You still haven’t mention what magic feature changed it


Don’t join some streamer’s team/guild/server. Other than that, BattleNet doesn’t change the landscape.

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Both factions shouldn’t be playable on the same realm, that only leads to more problems in the long run like cross faction collusion.


Both factions on PvP realms happened in Wrath.

Trillian! One-stop shopping for all your chat needs!

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Yes, you could have characters of both factions on the same server on PvE realms in vanilla. I did it.

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Not in any way that matters to communication inside or outside the game…

However allowing characters from both factions on the same PVP server makes it easier to send rage whispers and locate players to grief them.


Also, I predict that Blizzard will disable Battle Net’s “Location In Game” feature for Classic, and will just say “Classic”, rendering any attempt to track them in game pointless.


It’s bizarre how many people don’t seem to realize that non-PvP realms are a thing.

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I didn’t even think about it until reading. I guess they should have the faction specific server restriction restored, totally fine w/ it.

Still reading, interesting that earlier posters indicate it was specific to PVP realms. I played pretty exclusively on Magtheridon until Cata. If it was a PVP only rule then make it so.

I was just about to ask this same question.

But was this restricted to just PvP servers?

OK, this is what I was looking for. Thanks for the Answer.


I believe so

Kaivax just posted.