We need more then 50 toon per account

I see your point, but that doesn’t really stand if you consider you could just stop your subscription and Blizz will nevertheless still maintain all of your characters in their servers, regardless of whether you pay or not.


in last expansions there are moments that did not become content.

  • Draenor I remember a guy who had 100 characters in level 100
    when there is no content … many upload characters
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You can have my other 49.

I have 50 max level characters that I log on to each week to farm Nalak and Oondasta. Last Wednesday, after 3162 attempts, Oondasta dropped the mount for me, and so now most of my toons are parked at Nalak.

I would do more things with my army of alts, but the portals change added a little too much time for my liking.

I am of the belief that if there were more than 50 slots, I would roll an Allied Race (as I have none) and obtain the Heritage Armor. Unfortunately, even though Ion said nobody should have to delete a toon to create an Allied Race, I would have to do so. I refuse to do so, as I believe at some point in the future they will up the limit or remove the limit.

The expectation that character storage limits play a major role in why we couldn’t have a larger number is absurd. Each year the cost to store that data decreases, and accounts could be archived and zipped to further reduce the costs of storage for the 10 million WotLK players that are no longer active.

My view is that as each Allied Race was announced the maximum limit should have been increased by 1. That is certainly the intent that was given by Ion when Allied Races were announced.


Things you care about when you ran out of stuff to do in game.


there are no plans to change it.
but you can have 50 more in the classic :rofl:


Actually that will help clean up some room for me, as if I a dwarf male and Forsaken male at level 1 that I haven’t got around to yet, so might as well delete them to make room for some of the Allied Races so thank you for sharing that. Cheers

But overtime your one time payment will eventually be overtaken by the duration of character storage. One time payments don’t cover monthly costs of housing your character data. Since they’re a company this method won’t work for them as their only goal at this point and time is to profit. This isn’t the original Blizzard we all experienced together in the very beginning where the only goal was to make an exciting game and make a living. Pretty much all of those people are gone now and it’s a full fledged company linked together with one of the most greedy gaming publishers to ever exist.

Now if they were to have an option for you to increase your monthly sub to maintain additional slots I can see that being an alternative to the very, very minority that exceeds 50 characters. I’d be curious to know how much of our 15 a month is used to cover our 50 character storage. So if they were to go by just storage costs I imagine the increase wouldn’t be too terribly high.

But for those just saying they can do it because they’re a million/billion dollar company that is just the wrong way to look at it. The increased storage costs however little you believe it to be has to come from somewhere and Blizzard/Activision isn’t gonna eat the addition cost out of their own pocket. They will make the rest of us pay the bill for those unwilling to pay more for their extreme hobby inside of a hobby.

Which is a pretty good thing if you think about it. What if they just decided after so many months or years of inactivity to just wipe out someones account that could have years to a decade or more of progression so a very select few doesn’t have to pay anywhere from 5-15 more a month for what should be considered an extreme hobby inside of a hobby.

My husband’s brother has played WoW since Burning Crusade with us. He literally makes a character, plays it to max level and deletes/remakes it to level again.

I have no idea how but apparently that’s fun for him.

You overestimate the cost of storage.

You underestimate greed.

Nope, I see it every day.

I was going to vie for more characters until I read your post. It gave me a bit of a revelation.

It would be silly to advocate for more toons when I have quite a few that haven’t been touch in over a year. As a matter of fact, I just cleaned house and dumped about 6 toons to make room for a couple of ARs. I don’t miss them at all.


That’s not the point - the point is that people here are claiming that character data maintenance and retrieval is sooo expensive there has to be a limit per account.

If this were true (if it were THAT expensive) Blizzard would never maintain characters indefinitely for accounts with no subs.

Thus, the only reason I can think of behind the absurd 50-character limit is basically because they want to earn yet more money (these players have to purchase and maintain a second account) for something that literally costs them almost nothing, like the appearance change service.


Which is the logical thing to do. Well done! :slight_smile: Besides, if you ever want those characters back, Blizzard can retrieve them for you. There really is very little reason to have 50 characters fully leveled all at once without having an addiction issue with WoW.

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the only bad thing here is of the allied races.
10 spaces 1x race
The solution was to increase the limit per server. 16-18
patch 8.1.5: 50 on the server.
definitely had to increase a minimum of 10

  • recover character every 15 days
    there is no limit to erase characters.
    ghost storage

Will there be limits to erase characters?


Is there a limit?

if they are more than level 50 deleted!
the account would have 100+ character

ghost storage that can not be used.

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I was with you until I saw that this was thinly disguised attempt at making us learn math. No heart for you.


I’ve decided to delete some of my male races and just put those toons on a classic server when Classic comes out. that will make more room.

No, a very minority of people need that because they have alt addiction and need therapy. No way anyone can play 50+ chars actively.

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