Character Limit

How many characters were you able to have in one server on v1.12?
How many can you have today?

In Vanilla, 10 characters total on a single realm with a total of 50 on your account.

In Retail, it’s 50 characters total, no matter what realm. You can have all 50 on a single realm if you want.


pretty much this :arrow_up:

Also on pvp realms all characters have to be of the same faction…

but ya what Manzo said

Also of note, in Classic, if you roll on a PvP server you cannot have 1 character on Alliance and another on Horde, you have to commit to 1 side or the other.

(Unless you have multiple accounts and roll 1 account on each side for that server, but you will need to be careful if you do this, as it can be actionable depending on what you do)

PvE servers do not follow this from what I understand.

You cannot transfer from a PvE server to a PvP server because it would be an unfair advantage to have no conflicts to deal with in contested zones and obtain high end loot, and then transfer to PvP server to utilize.

I can’t recall the actual blue posts regarding these things, but pretty sure this is accurate.

By the way, 10 per realm and 50 total have been confirmed. As has only one faction on a pvp realm.


Interesting, since I created 3 characters and it said I have created the maximum number of characters for this account.

That’s just for name reservation, once the servers go live you can make more

I only got to make three maybe the level allowed will be raised

Yeah, when the game is launched.

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