Faction locked servers?

Like as in imp familiar? Because warlock?

As in we have spoken and you were on another avatar. No we weren’t bonded on that level bro. Pump the brakes. Lol
I think we’ve had some laughs though.

I don’t know much about devilsaur mafias other than forum sited private server anecdotes, but it seems that being able to role both factions on the same pvp server would make the mafia activities that much easier.

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re getting at, madam.
Was I inadvertently flirting with you in previous posts? I’m getting a stalker vibe here.

I guess devilsaur was a bit of a bad example. My point was that if a resource is controlled by the other faction you will have to contest them rather than join them. Say there are plenty of alliance farming your thorium route. You cant just swap to an alliance toon and farm throium.

It’s an interesting point you make here. The affect to the economies could potentially be significant - not least because of the ability to transfer gold cross faction via characters through the Booty Bay AH.

For the love of the earth mother…
I’m saying you play the alt game. Your writing style and mannerisms are the same as another avatars here. I’m no madam. Did you just assume my gender?


Lol. Don’t flatter yourself. I’m just here to point out the holes in your logic.

Says the level 11 priest.
Whos alt do you think I am then?

I guess that might work sort of. But I’m curious as to why you are interested in this change for when you said you are only interested in having an alliance character for spying purposes?

This is my forum main. Has been for a long time now.


I am saying that IS the reason, but
maybe it wouldn’t so well.

Another thing that might work is cost.

Thinking maybe 100g to switch factions,
rather than a time gated thing,
or perhaps I just really, really
like watching the world burn. Something
like that maybe.

Da frak is JAB?

That was against Blizzards ToS in classic wow and TBC.

You can safely bet people caufht in conspiracy like be punished.

Please take your private serve garbage else where.



I rolled on graymane-pve-us for my first toon because greymane sounded cool at the time.

Later I migrated to a pvp server and when I got ganked for the first time I was hooked. Forever after that when I traversed the world, I moved with a little more care above and beyond staying on the road to avoid a tiger or something. Now there was things running around that were more dangerous than tigers. Exhilarating.

And when you do get ganked, and you go get your main and you find that little ganker and pwn them, absolute satisfaction.

I asked about this months ago and even some regular posters here dismissed its importance.

Faction-locking on PvP servers is so fundamental to game immersion in Vanilla/TBC that any compromise in this regard will cost Blizz my business. Yea I know I’m just one sub…but not the only one who feels this way.

Good news is the Classic team seems to care. Only real mystery is why faction-locking hasn’t be adequately addressed (if so, please link!) by said-team?

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see above in this post for the blue link I tried to quote it but it only quotes the poster. But here ya go.

why was this thread necroed when it was in another thread at the top of the page already?..

Is 10 days really a necro now? This place moves fast with all the “I NEED a release date” and endless threads of peopling living and dying over when Ragnaros will be downed.

Seems like Elo is just taking a victory lap for us (thanks Elo).

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Because there’s been a dozen threads and not everyone reads every thread. Also… Necro? Really?

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