Classic Oceanic Servers

I have a feeling we will only get one of each. Sad but true.

My main concern is that we get at least something on Oceanic because I doubt I’ll be playing it if I’m condemned to playing with constant high world ms.

That being said, there is no real extra cost or issue with making extra realms. This isn’t the old days of low tech, huge banks of server machines etc. There is no difference between having two links to choose to click on to create a character rather than one.

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Yeah you can on both BfA live and Classic beta.

Not to mention that it was ONLY on PvP servers where you couldn’t have opposing faction toons.
PvE servers could always have both (99% sure anyway…)

Erm, I’m talking about Classic, as in when it goes live. Not Beta.

I don’t know how it was, but how it will be is this:

If that’s true and its only PvP servers that are limited, that will make life a lot easier.

I’d be happy with one of each. At least they’ll be populated. Unlike retail.

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Would like to see server information soon please Blizzard. :woman_mage:


I’m not one to hate on retail because WoW, regardless of expansion will always be the game.i grew up with so I see it as my game. That being said, if twitch is anything to go by, they will definitely be populated.

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If i had to take a stab in the dark, i’d probably say we get 1 pve and 1-2pvp at most.
atleast that’s what im hoping for anyway. i remember 400ms way back when… i would rather not have to deal with it again :sob:


You couldn’t on the Stress Test…

OT: Oceanic Servers were “apparently” confirmed at Blizzcon last year. Probably during a panel Q&A or something. Chinglish (the biggest OCE WoW streamer around) has repeatedly said so and even has it overlaid on his stream.

I’ve been unable to find a video of the exact confirmation myself, however I am very inclined to believe what I’ve heard so many times from a reputable Oceanic streamer.

Chinglish(Australian Streamer) said on his stream that when he attended the streamer event at Blizzard HQ they confirmed to him they will have OCE servers.

That’s an official confirmation right???

Can I get a source?

I’d believe Chinglish if he did say OCE servers were confirmed. Would be nice to get a blue post so we could organise our guilds

of course oceanic servers will be there…

They told all the HOTS players (off the books) at Blizcon that HGC would continue. Couple of months later it was cancelled…
Unless its in writing u can’t confirm anything… but I have faith in Bliz about this.
I personal believe they will have at least 1 PVE and 1 PVP as OCE have a descent size pop on retail.
Although maybe the #nochanges group will get to them and again make it that OCE players will have to play with high ping :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Blizzard,

Can we please know server names and types now?


Literally everyone in the Classic waiting room.


This. Could not have said it better.


+1 for blue response