50 characters per account

i recall reading that i will be able to create 50 characters per account on the same realm if i so choose. (can find source (didnt look)(maybe wrong)

this is a change if true.

this could effect(affect>? englishlol!) the economy if true?

50 per account, not realm

50 per account. Only 10 per realm.



thats good to hear

It’s up to 50 per realm in RETAIL (50 total characters overall).

Seperately, you have 50 characters per ACCOUNT in CLASSIC, with a limit of 10 per REALM.

That’s 100 total characters (50 Retail, 50 Classic).

Forum avatars per account.

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10 per realm.

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How? How could this possibly impact the economy?

Somehow I thought it could be more than 10 per realm. Shoot, there goes my insane idea of having one character for every race and class combo possible on one server ;).

It can be in Retail. They removed the 10 character max a while ago, so now it’s just 50 characters across all Retail realms.

if 50 toons per realm on classic, one could make 50 alch toons to do transmutes thus impacting economy.

i bet there is other things as well

All bank alts should be Alch/Tailor With perhaps one LW

This way you can get the CDs done every time…

The problem however is… that you have to level them all to 35. Not hard for some but it takes a while. Then you have to also farm the mats to level up all of those professions, that becomes more difficult and after that you still have to farm the fel cloth and arcane crystals.

Doing all of that 9 times is time consuming enough. Let alone 49 times. But it would be epic!

So it started at 10, then when they had more than 10 classes they increased it so you could have 1 of every class on a server.
So when monks were added it was bumped to 11
When DH were added it was bumped to 12
When allied races were added it was bumped to 18
When 8.1.5 was released they said f*** it and just set the per realm limit to 50.