How many characters can we create in Classic?

Does anyone know how many characters can we create in Classic? Is the amount of characters we can create shared with retail? For instance if I had 40 retail characters, would I only be able to have 10 in classic. Or is the classic character count beyond the 50 that are listed for retail?


I resubbed to delete some toons and move some gold around then unsubbed. Just in case.


Hoping 50 just for classic. Lol. Might not use 50 but options are nice. Might take them a bit before we get TBC.

Edit: That might not be a good idea for the forums. Lol.

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IIRC, I believe it’s 10 per server up to 50.

I see no reason why Retail and Classic would be tied together in this spect. So I’d say 50 Retail and 50 Classic.


You can only have 50 total, and the server limit has been removed. You can now have 50 characters on a single realm.

As for retail and classic being separate regarding the 50 limit, nothing has been said. Anyone saying they’ll be separate is just assuming.

It is just as likely they’re shared because the subscription is shared. You aren’t paying extra for classic, so Blizzard may not feel there is justification to separate the character limit for your account.

Just assume the limit is shared and be pleasantly surprised if they end up being separate.


If it matches the way they made the BlizzCon demo work, it acts as a separate account, 50 character limit.

If Blizzard does (stupidly) make it a joint limit between Retail and Classic, just create a new Starter Account, add game time, and play WOW Classic from that. Because you won’t even have created 1 character, you’ll have all 50 slots. It can stay on the same Blizzard account, unless you’ve already got 8 WOW accounts linked.


Last I heard was 50 per account, shared.

Source on this? If this is true i got to start deleting alts

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I would hold on before you start deleting alts, things change. But currently it’s a total of 50 per account and now you can even have the total of 50 on one realm as of patch 8.1.5
I’m sure more information will be posted when the launch date is posted.

Yea but classic and bfa are two different games.


The cap has always been 50 per account. Nothing has changed.

‘Two different games’ doesn’t matter if they’re both paid for via a single monthly subscription fee. If you want another 50 characters, pay for Classic on a new account - it’s not like it’s going to ever touch retail anyway.

Pretty sure you don’t have to have an active sub to delete characters. I suppose you would if they had mail or had some other deletion restrictions you’d have to log in to resolve.

This does not sound good as im at 50 now and don’t delete toons, decisions decisions

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Looks like just one classic Character for me then, have to decide what one I will play.

It does if they are listed and treated as separate accounts for the purpose of running the appropriate client.

With the BlizzCon demo, I had my three WOW Retail accounts, and I had three WOW Classic Demo accounts with matching names. I had 50 characters on my main WOW Retail account. I created more than 10 characters on the WOW Classic Demo account by the same name. (Blizzard used the account name, the WOW# bit or an actual name for accounts that predate Battle.Net integration, to link them - not making them the same game.)

Exactly this, as I said higher up:

In fact, people who want to play on other regions could do the same thing - make an EU Starter Account, add game time to that, voila’ they’ve got an EU Classic Account.

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Ehhh… this feels heavy handed as an argument. Your PTR character limit is distinct from your Live character limit, for example. As are Beta character limits.

All three are accessed from separate “accounts” in the drop down menu. They’re treated as completely different entities even though you don’t pay for two of them.

As Eliethalua said, when I played the demo from Blizzcon, Classic was treated as a completely distinct account with it’s own character limit.

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But why do you people consider PTR and Demo realms as justification for your point? These aren’t real live service realms. They’re temporary test beds. It serves everyone’s interest to be able to create characters for the purpose of testing without requiring players to buy another account or delete live realm toons.

You pay $15/mo for an account - That fee affords you a 50 character limit. Where you place those 50 is up to you. PvE, PvP, RP and now Classic - Anywhere you want. I mean, role players play this game completely differently from non-RPers - They’re distinctly different, yet nobody’s saying they should get 50 toons for RP which don’t count against the non-RP limit.

I haven’t seen a compelling argument but I’m not the one that needs to be convinced. If Blizzard agrees with you then more power to ya

The point was to illustrate that separate drop-down-accounts are handled in a distinct fashion by the game client, and in account management.

If Classic servers are just servers under your account, but not a separate account, sure. If they’re separate accounts then it would require them to actually link those accounts to make the character limit spread out like that.

It’s interesting because it’s made to be free with a regular subscription to modern. We don’t have another WoW game or version to compare to. Trial accounts can make 50 characters (but can’t level past 20), and cost nothing, though. That’s not even temporary storage, as I’ve had starter accounts on my account for years before.

Ultimately the real reason we’re using drop down menus and accounts as an argument is because, unless classic is just a server type and not a separate account, it’s going to be more distinct than just server type. It’s going to have distinct and severe limitations/alterations to the point that it’s not interchangeable with the other accounts.


Alright, I’m convinced you’ve made a fair point. It depends on how they will provide access to the realms. I guess I always thought of it as just another realm but if they segregate it as you describe then 50 more toons makes as much sense as a trial account.

I think they dedicate the resources to a trial account because they see it as a point of sale for potential players. By keeping characters available to be picked back up upon purchase, Blizzard leaves incentive for those people to buy the game. That said, the fact they give trial accounts 50 character slots seems grossly unnecessary

Blizzard has not stated how if the 50 character limitation per account will be shared or separate.

My guess is that it would be separate.