Limit server to one faction

Once you choose one you can’t choose the other on that server

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If I remember right, this was only a restriction on PvP realms. PvE ones didn’t have it.

So that is how it should be in Classic.


This has already been confirmed for PvP realms. PvE realms will allow both.



No. Keep that junk to the crappy PvP servers where it belongs.

The faction conflict is old and tired. It needs to be retired.

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It was a driving portion of classic, especially for pvpers.

The faction conflict is like the basis for the game dude lol

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This is how PvP servers functioned in Vanilla.

Nah. The basis for the game is player characters against murlocs, defias, scarlet crusade, and other groups out to rule all of Azeroth.

Alliance vs Horde is but a small part of the game.

Now I know you’re trolling.

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Not a chance.


The trolls are the ones that think everyone views the game the same way they do. Like you and Dokta.

Authentic. PVP has a reason PVE doesn’t.

Try again.

“It was a driving portion of classic, especially for pvpers.”

This statement clearly means for SOME it was not a driving factor. However to completely ignore it is to miss a huge part of the game, for many of us.

The game literally started as Orcs Vs Humans and evolved to a further deepened faction conflict as the game developed.

You’re a hypocrite.

Keeping it on PvE servers is authentic.

and they need to keep it as authentic as possible =P