Did anyone catch it when blizzard said they won't be merging servers?

First, where did Blizz say this? If you’re going to reference such a statement then provide evidence.

Second, what does this have to do with pvp servers specifically?

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[citation needed]

No-one picked up on something that wasn’t said.

It was Blizzard’s way sneaking in the removal of realms and turning it into one giant Realm. You just get some tag at the end of your name of a Realm that used to exist.

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It was a solution to the issue that two people had the same name. Their options were

  • Add a ‘surname’.
  • Make one person change their name. How do you decide who?
  • Make both people change their name and ensure no-one is happy.
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if they merge servers there will be alot of people ending up on both factions. PVP server will be faction locked.

Ok, I finally see what you mean. You’re saying if someone has Horde characters on one pvp server, and Alliance characters on a different pvp server, and those servers are merged…

That makes sense.

Or they guarantee there’ll be at least 2 PVP servers, and when they merge servers, your PVP characters will go to one server or the other.

So when they merge the two servers i play on together, my alliance have to go to the other one, not merged with my original server, meaning my guild, friends etc alliance side are gone as my toons are exiled to the other server?

There just isn’t a way to do this that will not screw some people.

That said, server mergers>sharding, even if its me that ends up screwed by this.

If you’re playing on a PVP server X, on Horde, your Horde guild would all go to server A. If you’re playing on a PVP server Y, on Alliance, your Horde guild would all go to server B. You can’t have Horde and Alliance on the same account on the same server, so its not an issue to split them up.

It really only would be a problem if they merged repeatedly over time, and all the groups got mashed by playing on multiple servers.

That doesn’t address the issue. What are you saying? That there will be 1 Horde pvp server (where all horde characters go) and 1 Alliance pvp server (where all alliance characters go)? So that the faction balance on each server will be completely one-sided? Or that they just arbitrarily assign certain number of alliance and horde characters to each server, maintaining a faction balance as best they can?

You think they’re going to transport entire guilds? Are they going to go through the rosters and pick out alts and move them too? Where do they draw the limit? And just because you’re not part of a guild doesn’t mean you’re not friends with other players on that server. Not to mention you’ll potentially be split apart from members of the opposing faction on your original server. So those rivalries will come to an end.

I’d say the OP is right. You can’t merge pvp servers and maintain the faction restriction. I wonder if that’s part of the reason the restriction was removed.

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I didn’t even think of this, good catch. I’ll definitely be playing on one of the most populated PvP servers to best avoid a dead server situation in the long run. I’m currently on a dead realm and it really, really sucks.

If i understand correctly, the OP is saying that if Johnny is playing Horde on PVP server A and Alliance on PVP server B, PVP servers A and B cannot be merged without Johnny having both factions on a single PVP server.

Which if we look back at the time server combining started happening it probably is the same time that Blizzard dropped cross faction character creation limitations on PvP servers.

Uh, that would be literally the worst possible implementation. For any given Server, all your Horde characters would go to one of the PVP servers. And all your Alliance from a different server, would go to the other PVP server. For a different unrelated player, all their Alliance characters would go to the PVP server where your horde characters went, and all their Horde characters would goto the server where your Alliance characters went. Ensuring balance.

Where possible, you would move a given guild of Horde characters to the same server as each other, but that’s where it becomes a difficult thing, if some people in the guild had Horde characters moved from a different server to the server where your Alliance characters moved, because you couldn’t have Horde and Alliance.

Essentially, merging servers becomes a mess that breaks up communities which is why its bad to intentionally plan for it.

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Correct. Which is why at the end of all possible server merging, there will be 1 RP, 1 PVE, and 2 PVP servers.

but what timezone would they be in? and now it gets crazy

If everyone is on the server it really doesn’t matter. Anyone you could play with would be online at the time they are online.

They snuck this in. People thought it was a bug. Think it was when race changes were added and when they lifted the cooldown on server transfers. Iirc that is.

There could be a faction change in this case but I don’t know how they would handle paladin and shaman.