Tomorrow's friday

I wonder if they will unleash some new knowledge about their decisions tomorrow like they have every friday since right before april started :speak_no_evil:


Someone burned up our weekly update already.

Unless that announcement is “beta invites are out, fam!” then I don’t think I’ll have much of a stake in what’s being said. “If Classic does well, we’ll make new expansions in its vein and do that darkness and torch thing the manual talked about” is also an acceptably exciting announcement.

But hey, if it means more Frostadamus or MadSeasonShow videos then cool.


not a pinned tho :stuck_out_tongue:

We got an unpinned, does that count?!

rofl, barely but not quite. Dev’s were probably tired of the notification pings ahhaha

We’ll get a pinned update talking about how they fixed the texture on a shrub in Tirisfal.


Thats not an update that is how that was at 1.12

And I’d eat up every letter of that post.

And then that will generate 100 new posts about “add new textures to Classic”…

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Internal testing has shown that the zhevra had hooves and bears had butts. These errors have now been fixed and animal anatomy is now correct.

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Given the post, works for me :joy:

Guess that explains why the unpinned the AV thread. It’s not news because it’s how it was in 1.12

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I prefer this version:

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Lolol… this poor girl

If Classic does well they will just release a BC classic server and do fresh realms every once in awhile.

The only way they go back and start a whole new timeline of content made by sticking to classic rules is if classic ends up being far more popular than retail, essentially killing it, and those millions of fans are all extremely vocal that they want a new timeline rather than BC and Wrath classic servers.

It will be tomorrow when they announce stuff

I expect a pretty exciting announcement today.

aka, Saturday?

as all announcements lately :Ð