There will be at least 5 servers

If the Crocodile Hunter taught me anything, I think I’m supposed to hug them.


There will be a few dozen per region at s minimum.

You and 10 of your closest friends.

Or find the nearest Austalian.

As the Canadian in the room. I’ll handle the Polar Bears.

This is actually really funny because nobody has an exact idea about how many people are going to play Classic.
It could be anything between a few hundred thousand to a couple million during the first few weeks.

Luckily for Blizzard they must have a ton of unused server capacity since BFA is tanking so hard right now so even if it’s a massive hit they won’t run out.

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Hrm. You guys know there isnt a physical host that houses all of wow anymore right? Its more a metaphor now, similar to population. Its all in the cloud and boiled down to distributed services that handles all traffic.

You know that has nothing to do with how many characters max per server and how many characters allowed total right? And that the phrase “at least” means there can be more then the stated number. Like “at least 5” means a minimum of 5 with the possibility of more.


When people here say Server, they mean Realm. We just don’t nit-pick about it.

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If only those who signed the Nostalrius petition play on launch day, they will need about 100 servers if they fill them to the brim.

Cloud is not some magical immaterial miracle either.
It’s still physical cores and physical memory even if it’s in a different server hierarchy and not on a single blade like it used to be.

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Assuming they don’t use variable caps and sharding for the starter zones before capping down to 2.5k past them.


20-30 servers with a vanilla cap of 3000? At 25 servers with a playerbase of only 500,000 which is me lowballing that’s 20,000 people per server! I don’t know about you but I’d like to play the game summer 2019 not winter 2020.

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I said it was a start, not the end.

The start is generally when you want the most servers, if over a million people are ready for launch day and there’s only 30 servers at the start what exactly do you think is going to happen?

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Make sure you don’t confuse active users and account population. The active users at peak time is usually only about 40% of the account population. So a 20,000 account population, would equate to about 8k active users at peak. Still high, but not quite as bad.

Key word there.

We have no idea how many people are going to be playing per region on launch day.

Possibly the biggest MMORPG launch in the last decade, possibly bigger then even wows original launch. All the gamers that have been craving a mmo to go to that isn’t retail wow, all the players that just want nostalgia, all the retail players that will be tourist, all the streamers promoting it even now, the private server players. It’s a given wow classic is going to be absolutely absurd at the start, it may die off quick. It will die off quicker if there’s 15k+ que times on every server.

Doesn’t it depend on their best estimate of how many people will play Classic?

Let’s say that is conservative, and the number is around 150,000 and the server cap can be 5,000 for tech reasons.

That is 30 servers, approximately. However is that everyone, or just NA?

Let’s pretend that is EU, NA and OCE combined.

So 10 servers for each region. Leave 1 RP-PVE and 1 RP-PVP per region, and 4 PVE, 4 PVP.

My main concern, which is not something I think they are aware of is the attraction of “FRESH” to a lot of people. If they launch a new batch of servers 6-12 months in, we’ll see servers die overnight.

If they need to add servers, that should probably happen in the first 1-3 months.

Did someone say FRESH? I just deleted all my characters, where are we going now?