Both factions on the same server?

I bet not. Which is cool, spread your playing across realms, time, and space. It seems like most things that they haven’t explicitly addressed, you can safely assume it will be the way it was. A kind of “you told us to!” Approach.

As per Kaivax, no, you can only have 1 faction on a pvp server. I assume this also means you can make both factions on a pve server.


Well you could have both factions on PVE, just not on PvP.

Edit: Beat me to it!

Ah, thank you both.

The way the game was meant to be experienced.

Smells like “Right”

PvP servers need to have the pop. balanced otherwise the same old problems will arise.

Also just for the record: Kaivax’s description is precisely how it worked in Vanilla in every respect.