[H] <Certified Crankers> 9/10M recruiting for CE

Hey all,

Certified Crankers (Area-52) is a laid back yet semi-competitive guild, led by experienced cutting edge players. Our goal for this guild is to achieve cutting edge within very few tiers. We are looking for dedicated raiders that share this same goal. We are looking to create a stable fun atmosphere inside the raid and out.

Raid Times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8-11 pm EST with Sunday being our optional night where we do Sales, Heroic alt runs, RBGs, etc.

We fully expect all our raiders to be on and in the instance before 8 pm EST.

Current Progression:


* Keeping your character up to date (Mythic+, Weeklies, etc.)
* Open to constructive criticism and advice.
* Positive mindset
* 95% attendance
* Prepared(Flasks, Potions, etc.) 

Cauldron and feasts will be provided for Mythic progression



[LFG] Former CE MW monk lf CE semi-hc guild
203 Affliction Warlock LF Raid Team
4/10Mythic 222 Warlock lf raiding guild
206 Marksman Hunter LF raid group
213 Arms Warrior 9/10h LF Raiding Guild
(h) 212ilvl ret paladin lf pve / pvp guild
Dh dps/flex plus tank
[H] 202 Lock LF Guild
RSham and DPS LF CE Guild
[H] 192 Ilvl hunter LFGUILD
199 Enhance
[H] 212 AFF LOCK LF CE guild
1000+ io 211 ilvl 9/10H 1/10M Resto Shaman LF CE Guild
LFM M+ Team
[H] Hunter & Shadow Priest duo looking for a mythic guild
[H] 2/10M Resto Druid LF Mythic Prog Guild
3/10m Resto shaman lf looking for home
Top 500 returning player, 203 Shadow/Disc LF mythic raiding
201 rdruid/boomkin 10/10n/9/10h/1/10m looking for a home
[a] 3/10 222 shadow priest lf 9-12est ce guild
226 Ele Lf CE Guild 7-9PST START TIME
221 Holy/Disc LFG
210 Resto shammy lf progression guild
211 CE exp Boomy/Guardian LF CE Guild
210 Havoc DH LF CE focused 2-3 night guild
[H] 210 WW/BM Monk LF CE Guild
6/10m 223 Ele Shaman LF Guild [CLOSED]
211 Ret LF CE focused Guild
Delete please
H 216 Unholy DK - LF Guild
Blood/UH DK LF Area 52 Guild
211ilv 2/10M Hpal LF mythic guild (H)
[H] 218 3/10M Fire Mage LF mythic raid team
CE experienced, current AOTC Flex role Druid LF a new home
[H] disc priest lf guild
[H] Zul'jin 201 Warlock LF Prog Guild
218 resto sham 10/10H 1/10M
Delete Post
3/12M 217ilvl Mage LF Mythic CE Guild
10/10H 212 fire mage LF Mythic raiding guild
211il 2/10M Warrior(also willing to swap to DH) LF CE Guild
2/10M UH DK seeking a new home
[H] 220 MM Hunter or 215 Guardian Druid CE Raider LF Guild
Delete post
Guild found!
H Mage 3/10 M LF guild
222 3/10m Blood DK LFG
216 mm/bm hunter looking for mythic guild
3/10M 219 ilvl Hpal LFG Former Hardcore Player LF Home
6/10M 222 Rshaman top US 100xp looking for new home
4/10M 219ilvl Warlock LF CE guild
[H] 224 Ret/222 UH | 6/10M CN | CE Ny'alotha | LF CE Guild
223 Resto shaman 5/10M LFG
[H] 218 Boomkin/resto 3/10M AOTC, LF CE Guild
202 unholy dk LF weekday raid
217 ret paladin lf ce guild
7/10M - Two Boomies + Rsham
208 WW monk LF AOTC guild

Certified Crankerss

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Came for the potatoes… looking for the add on discord.

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Certified bumpers

when do you plan on actually raiding as a guild?

First official raid should be this upcoming week, full mythic roster might take 1-2 weeks if we’re being realistic & recruit people who are capable of raiding at a CE level

Joined last night, great team. Certainly can confirm, expectations match the reality! 9/10 leggo

potatoes unite

Happy new years friendos

happy new years

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it pays off tho

what im getting paid to crank?