8/10M Hpal With 10% Sire pulls LF 10/10M Guild

Hello as the title says im a 8/10M Hpal with 200+ pulls on sire, gotten him as low as 10% . I am an ex top 50 US raider, 4x CE player and a very dedicated healer for any raid environment. Come 9.1 I will no longer be playing hpal and will be swapping to another healer (Rdruid or whatever feels stronger) , I am a very seasoned healer with experience on all healers. Please reach out at Thiccboltz#1525 (Btag) !!! 6-9 PST ANY DAY WORKS BEST!!! Or Latenight after 10 PST, or even morning :slight_smile:

Going up <3

Hey Taffyy, we are currently 8/10M Raiding Tues & Wed from 9-12PM EST. Check us out, and see if we fit in to what you are looking for.

Would perfer something 10/10M

2-4 day schedule works !

Bump bump to the top!

Looking for a 10/10M Guild… Still have logs from my top 50 US days :slight_smile:


We’re 20% on sire currently. Check us out.