[H] Zul'jin 201 Warlock LF Prog Guild

Hi there!

What I am looking for:
I am looking for a, ideally CE aimed, progression guild that raids weekday evenings PST (6pm or later start time) or weekends, or both. Number of days per week is flexible, I am aiming for 2-4.

What I can bring:
I finished out last tier at 11/12M with ~300 pulls into nzoth (with a handful sub-10% pulls). I am currently 7/10H CN. Beyond that I have a history of CE progression beginning back in Highmaul.

I generally prefer ranged dps (I also have a 192 hunter) but have a history of tanking and dabble in healing in my off time. So I can swing to another role if needed (170ish restro druid and a fresh lvl 60 bm monk).

Am open to server transferring after a trial to ensure a good fit.

Bnet: Tumstums#1804
Discord: Squargle#1741

Hey friend,

Not sure if our times would work out but if so, please check us out :slight_smile: