6/10M 222 Rshaman top US 100xp looking for new home

current guild is falling apart cant keep a 20man roster going unfortunately.

raid times im looking for is between 6pm est-12am est mon-thurs

Hey! The Yummy Boys, Horde, Bleeding Hollow are 7/10 M and looking to recruit a holy paladin and or resto sham for our core team. Raid nights are Wednesday and Monday 9-12 EST with an optional Sunday night raid. Discord: Khaldrogo#1528 if you are interested in hearing more.

Hey morphius currently going through the same thing actually wed like to talk to you as we had a group fall apart and are currently rebuilding the ones who stayed are all 8/10m raiders,
my bnet is zeus#11316 if youd like to talk further

Hi Morphius! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Hmu and we can chat, Levios#1714

Hey we’re a 2 Day guild based on illidan
PepeLands is a new guild built to maximize our raid days, with minimal raid days. We will get CE, and our US standing is TBT

6/10 Mythic
Blood Council - 15+ Pulls Deep P3

Our expectations are for you to have profound knowledge of your spec/class/role, be willing to participate in a conversation about thoughts on strats (don’t be afraid to talk)
ALTS are not required, but encouraged for splits and sale runs.

Wed & Thurs
8:00pm — 12:00 EST

Leadership Background
Our Leading core have raided with the likes of Wildcard Gaming, Vision, Imperative, Intern Made This Boss, xD, and Fused, claiming multiple US 10-40s.

GM : StarvinMonky#6969
Recruit Offic: rigena#3607

We are in the market for a resto shaman. 7/10, raid times are Tue/Thur from 8 - 11 EST. Feel free to give me a btag add for more info -

[H] Area-52: 4/10M (W/TH 8pm-12am EST)

OFFSLAUGHT exists as a social superstructure to facilitate expert level gameplay in the pursuit of maximal individual performance. Every raid is broken down, combat logs analyzed, and metrics compared to the unflinching goal of making the next raid superior to the last. OFFSLAUGHT’s weekly obsessions are increases in raid tempo, reductions in player deaths, improvements in general execution, and growing as a team.

Raid Schedule (Eastern time):

Wednesday/Thursday 8:00pm-12:00am


We recruit the player, not the character. Exceptional players of any class with a consistent history of raiding always encouraged to apply.


Maintaining a healthy guild roster requires more than 20 members to allow for absences and comp flexibility. We understand that no one is entitled to 100% play time and are courteous swapping in and out as the fights need. Our ideal roster size is 24-26 players with 95% attendance and high progression play time per player.


A player who is committed to operating as part of a team executing their role. Someone who has the mindset their execution within the raid makes the rest of the team better. They must be humble enough to know we all can learn and improve. Constructive feedback is an important tool for any raid team looking to progress and having members who embrace, as well as learn from it is key to overall success of the raid team.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Lokthal - Bnet: blood#1915

Scuffed Pulls on Area 52 is looking for a resto shaman for a core healer spot on our team. We’re 7/10M and raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8pm-12am eastern. Optional alt run on Monday nights.

Discord: Daniika#0695
Btag: Daniika#1445

Hey bud, we’d be the perfect fit :slight_smile: