LFM M+ Team

Hey there!

Two of us are looking to create a consistent group of people to run M+ dungeons with and push KSM. This will be our first season pushing for KSM, so our experience mostly stops at +10’s from last expansion.

I’m sure most agree that pugging gets old, and it would be a lot more ideal to have a solid group of people to run keys and hang out with. If you have similar experience, and are open to pushing keys, learning new strats, etc. feel free to shoot me a message!

Currently, we are:

196 Resto Sham : 570 IO Score
198 MM Hunter: 520 IO Score

Feel free to add me on Discord Bluefull#1768 or add me on bnet Seyles#1692

Sup dudes,

We’re primarily looking for raiders but if you’re interested in pushing keys we’re all 1k+ io and could use the bodies :slight_smile: