1000+ io 211 ilvl 9/10H 1/10M Resto Shaman LF CE Guild

Basically as the title says looking for a guild with better or near my current progression for content. Returned to Shadowlands from Cataclysm was top 100 US for all content until beginning of MoP>Vanilla WoW. Was with Demise at the time. A top 30 US guild with #19 US Pre Nerf Spine kill on Brokenblade.

Came to Shadowlands also from raiding Classic WoW with Fusion a top US classic guild.

LF raid times that start after 7pm EST.

Reach me at Pine#1200 on discord or leave a way to get in contact with you.

Hey boss,

You’re exactly what we need to start Mythic. Let’s talk :slight_smile:

My discord: lol#3572


Progression Raid Times :
Tuesday/Wednesday | 8:00PM-11:00PM EST. These are the days we will definitely raid during progression but we may also go late or start early if that’s what the guild wants to do. Our schedule may vary from tier to tier (if that’s the needs of the guild for CE) but if we’re extending, there’s always plenty of notice and it’s only when the guild wants to play more and is having fun.

Recruitment :
Power Word Stutter is focused on progression and that means we’ll slot the 20 best players/classes for each boss. We’re not recruiting for the bench but everyone has to earn their raidspot. We’re looking for players who will contribute meaningfully to the raid (which entails showing up prepared, suggesting strat ideas, and using your mic when appropriate). We have no alt or anima/renown requirements but if you can play multiple classes/roles that is obviously valuable to us.

We are a new guild but we have almost all current or former CE players going into shadowlands.

Sales : We accept ONLY gold
Contact: Despair#11604 (btag) // Despair#6761 (discord)

Hey there.

Check out our recruitment post if you are still looking as I think you’d be a good fit.