10/10M Resto Shaman LFG Top 500

Darthobama-Sargares for looking up logs.

Im 30 and have been playing the game since classic love a guild with great interaction more of a family then raid logging.

Im 10/10M ive completely fallen in love with playing Resto Shaman im currently looking for a top 500 guild to trial with for 9.0.5 into 9.1. I prefer to raid 3-4 days a week during the weekdays but willing to look at all raid times.

Darthobama#1124 Btag
Darthobama#4408 Discord

in the market for a really solid shaman and you fit all those and more and would love to speak more maybe see if you are a good fit for us?

bump still looking for the right guild!

Bump still looking

Sup gamer, you’d be a perfect fit!

Still looking for the right spot!

Your skills will be properly utilized here, we want a strong resto shaman to compete with our excellent healing core.

Consider us.