[H] 5/10M Hpal LF CE Minded Guild semi/hardcore for this tier and ones to come

Character-Server: Itschubbzpal-Illidan(Just transferred from alliance-stormrage)
Battle Tag: itschubbz#1838
Discord: itschubbz#5420
Spec(s) and Covenant(s): Venthyr Holy Paladin. 248 Ilvl.
Link to Warcraft Logs, or Screenshot of Private Logs: Warcraftlogs. Itschubbz-Illidan
What is your recent Raiding Experience: 6/10 M Nathria. Current 5/10M Soulrender. Left my guild because of attendance.
Additional information, alts, etc: First let me start by saying, my goal is to get CE this tier and all tiers to come and aspire to compete in the RWF one day, even if it seems silly. I recently left my last guild this week because of attendance issues . I have 68% Percent progress on painsmith with a semi-clean p1-intermission into first set of p2 traps. I have a good knowledge and understand of how to play my class, as well as a general knowledge of the defensives of other classes and the healing/raid cooldowns of other healers/classes as well.Thiss tier i swaped from disc priest to holy paladin main after going 6/10m on disc priest in nathria. I have played with shock barrier, and Martyr lego this tier and i use matryr as its the new bis. I can adapt to each tier and the meta. I wish to GET CE Not only this tier, but each tier to come and i have a hardcore mindset about it, maybe sometimes a bit too much so. Just for an insight to show that i am willing of playing what is the meta, and good for the raid each tier.

One thing i believe that goes overlooked alot of times and that is mainly the most important part of being a healer is healer damage, I always try my best to do was much damage as i possibly can and heal when needed instead of just pressing my buttons.
Another thing that is of huge importance that is Almost always overlooked is the importance of using externals on players/tanks and knowing if they have a Defensive up when a mechanic goes out that requries such (e.x chains Is on player Star, and a hammer goes out, but I see that star doesnt use a defensive and is below 75% health. This is a time where i would blessing of sacrifice them. or Another healer exteneral(life caccoon,barkskin, etc).
I have a hardcore mindset, and I take responsibility when i make mistakes and i am able to change my playstyle or play how it is needed to help the raid.
I would bring a good sense of communication,comradary, and team building between my fellow raiders.
I love to work together with my healers/Healer lead to help coordinate spreadsheets,healer cooldowns. As i truely believe healers are the heart of the raid. They tell players when they need defensives, and Deal the odd damage when healing isnt needed that pushes and achieves boss kills.
I think details is overrated and Logging is something that is not necessary, as it Brings a clouded mindset to alot of players that believe parsing means good play, which in 85% of cases is not the truth. During farm its a different thing, but during prog one thing only should be in mind. Kiling bosses, Not padding damage or healing meters while trying to kill bosses.
I am trying to find a guild to join for progression and pushing high keys with with CE at heart.
My current io is 2312

I can attend all raids on tues,wends,thurs/sunday with 99% certainty and consistency.
Here is a screenshot of my ui. I also use VUHDO
I have a 232 Priest alt on alliance and switch. Discipline which was my main in tier 9.0
My goal is not only to achieve CE this tier but one day become a world first raider.

Dark Skies is a long time CE guild that is currently looking for a Priest/Paladin healer for our main roster. We are 9/10 mythic and raid t-th. I didn’t see any raid times listed for you but we are a later raiding guild that starts at 9:30 PST and ends at 1 am PST. My battletag is Talceon#1527 if you have any questions.

What’s up gamer, you have the right mindset. We’d love to see you app! Currently 13% pull on Painsmith