[H] <Certified Crankers> 5/10M LFM

The discord link on wowaudit doesn’t work

We removed it, sorry. If you have any questions, you can add me at: lol#3572

yeah hes doing an AmA

No I am most certainly not

threw in an app for my MW monk. feel free to reach out to me at Connolly#11955

Hey bud, added your disc :slight_smile:

Applied with my Hunter. Current AOTC. Hit me up on disc if you want to chat. CuppCake#1983

Thanks for reaching out, we’ve updated your application status

bump it up

i just wanna raid mythic bros

i just want to raid you

bumpity bump

bankity bank

bump skip and lets down donnie

bro srsly…

very seriously

super seriously dude

@lolxo Hey there! my discord got all effed the other day, would you mind adding me again? I would love to chat about your guild, as a reminder I was Teaghie the mw monk. Sorry for any inconvenience. My discord is again Teagh#5966 . looking forward to chatting!

Hey friend, we’ll be in touch shortly :slight_smile:

You’ll never guess who I am