I like the Sombra changes

oh yeah sure its not that you don’t want to hear it, its just if its not what you want its wrong. aka:

You know what, you got me. You’re right. I’m over here plugging my ears and singing a tune because I don’t want to hear anything else.

Except that’s not the case. And what’s my supporting argument?

Go read the countless Sombra threads that have about a thousand other suggestions about how we can buff or change Sombra. I’m sure we didn’t put in the time and effort into those threads because we didn’t want to hear about changes.

We asked for many.

Some dumb. Some great. Some legit. Some absolutely ridiculous. But we asked. We suggested. We waited for an answer.

And the one we got?

Didn’t have a damned thing to do with any of it.

We got something none of us wanted. Something none of us asked for. We got a pile of nerfs thrown on our hero. Something that we, the people that regularly play her, can see are going to have glaring, negative impacts on her. And so we protest the changes. We heard them. We saw them. We realize they are not going to work.

So get out of here with your snide “you just don’t want to hear it” trope. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by painting yourself with that brush.


This takes a lot longer when they are playing 5 vs 6.


That’s cool, but even if you like these changes you can’t reasonably say it makes Sombra better, because it doesn’t solve any of her actual problems. I don’t believe anyone was thinking “if only Sombra had infinite Stealth and Translocator times, she would be perfect!”, it’s an insignificant change that no one asked for. So it’s not about whether you like the changes or not, it’s about the fact that it doesn’t change anything to make Sombra more viable. So we lose a lot to gain nothing, that’s the whole basis of the complaints.


We have another round of Sombra changes coming to the PTR soon as well. This is what is coming:

  • Reverting the detection radius from 4 to 2.
  • You no longer need to look at the translocator to destroy it, you can now just hit the interact button and it will be destroyed. If you’re standing on a Symmetra teleporter hitting interact will only teleport you to Symmetra’s other teleporter, rather than destroying your translocator.
  • Dramatically lowered the enemy sound cue for the translocator location. You need to be nearly standing right on it now to hear it.
  • EMP now works on Wrecking Ball Minefield, disabling the mines for 10s
  • You can now interrupt reload by hacking.

We’re still evaluating the changes overall, but shes unlikely to regain the ability to contest objectives or have +75% move speed while invisible. The goal of these changes is to make her stronger overall, even if it means being slightly weaker in some areas.

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"you can now interrupt reload by hacking"

Oh wow, didn’t think they would make it affect minefield.

And wow they fixed the reload/hack thing!


Could potentially see there being an issue where you press F just out of range of a teleporter and accidentally destroy your translocator.


I think the change overall isnt big. Not a big nerf or big buff. Since she is already in bad spot really doesnt do much damage.
What she need is additional buffs somewhere like double jumps or something


Does this mean that the Mines will reactivate afterwards?

I’m getting flashbacks of the bastion “Rework” :persevere:


Could be 2 different ones? I have LControl and LAlt as two variations.

I have a question though…

What makes you think not bringing these back would help her? Arguably the stealth is pointless as you guys gave her enough time previously. It also helped that Translocator wasn’t destroyable as it forced the enemy to camp it.

In addition: I appreciate you guys bringing some of the much needed Sombra changes like Reload canceling…but what about what stealth actually needs? We need a damage threshold. It’s too easy to be knocked out of. If you gave her that, i’d understand why you couldn’t contest with it anymore. The delays are also a tad bit of a pain…but it’s whatever. The fact is that Sombra right now with these changes is so SLOW feeling when she already felt slow and methodical as it was before.

I believe you had lightning in a bottle when you recently buffed her. Then you gave her LOS changes…


Finally going in the right direction . Slowly slowl
y <3.


Is the translocator invincible against enemy dmg again??


i like them too honestly!

That makes a lot of sense. Since she can be essentially invisible forever, having her able to contest an objective while invisible would be very unfair and frustrating because all has to do is avoid detection, and given that her movement is +50% while invisible, she could easily accomplish this on a point that is only guarded by one non-mobile enemy.


geoff we need the 75 move speed to cross gaps

at least put it in for the first 7 seconds of popping invis?


This is a good start, anything with damage (just slightly) or the health of the translocator would put her in a really good solid spot.

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An initial sprint boost seems like an interesting idea.


Just wanted to repost this from a sombra thread in the PTR feedback section.