Sym 3.0 + Sombra PTR shows us that

the best Symmetra mains in the world disagree with you.


Symm 3.0 is fine she just takes more effort than Symm 2.0 which kinda sucks but whatever

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And I assume you’re one of them? :slight_smile:

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Have you heard of “Stevo” by any chance?


I think what people complain most about Sym 3.0 is not only the destruction or her identity but that it fails to adress any of her real problems. Her damage is probably much more inconsistent than before - having to rely on right click more than primary fire, she is left with the least useful and least impactful ultimate in the damage class and teleporter is nice but just promotes her as a flanker when she was designed as an area control hero. The only good thing is the turrets…she still fails to really counter anyone and relies on flanking and taking the enemy by surprise to have any value which can be easily achieved by any hero actually designed to do that.


Alright, found where to start…


Good now that that’s sorted.

"+Sombra PTR"

Do not challenge the Devs.
Do not pretend you are a Dev.
Do not pretend you know how a Dev thinks.
Do not pretend you know what the Devs are working on.

Good now that we have that covered.

PTR takes time.
Managing two different servers, takes time. (Live VS PTR).
Updating servers, takes time.
Coding and programming, takes time.

I see threads like this ALL THE TIME and you people need to learn that the Developers do what they believe are healthy well-thought-out changes. They do not want to break Sombra by making her godly overpowered, nor extremely weak as she is on live.

Symmetra 3.0 has been a MAJOR SUCCESS and you are blinded to think otherwise, unless you’re disabled and physically hindered when it comes to aiming.

Quickly look at the quote from Jeff-with-a-G, and you will see that they actually HAVE BEEN READING and working in the background and that they HAVE BEEN EDITING the status of the PTR and the changes that go into it.

Blizzard employees are incredibly hardworking and if anything deserve our praise, attention, and respect.

Things take time to change, they’re not going to tell you “Our plans for this are this” if they don’t think they’ll stick with it. That’s why they WAIT like Jeff-with-a-G did, before posting their desired changes.

Excerpt from the Code of Conduct on “Harassing or Defamatory”-

"This category includes both clear and masked language and/or links to websites containing such language or images which:

Insultingly refer to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people"

Watch your tongue whenever you say things as brash as

Fun fact: “have no idea what they’re doing” is in fact, an insult. Basically a spit in the face to all the hard work they do.

I won’t flag this for violating the Code of Conduct because I don’t think the insult is big enough to warrant that, but be warned that you can be flagged for it and it can lead to punishments.

Note to Mods: Not trying to impersonate or “white knight”, but I think the OP was angry with the changes and not thinking clearly. Felt like an excerpt would be, educational on what to do and not do on the forums.


She’s no longer the Symmetra you used to main so therefore being a Symmetra main means nothing until 3.0’s been out for a while


And if you watched his stream, every time he tried to use her primary was a disaster or sub-par at best. She’s definitely stronger, but it’s not because of her primary.

She will see pro play almost exclusively because of her teleporter, NOT because of her ability to burn barriers. In fact, I will say that you will never see her use her Primary in pro play in any situation other than the clean-up phase where you’re just finishing off 1-2 targets after winning the fight.

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This. Thank you. People don’t seem to get that a rework means you need to rethink your game plan. New Symm feels great.

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Yeah, her primary fire is basically zarya’s but with less range (which I could understand) but now I feel like she relies on her turrets getting kills for her because her primary fire is really awkward to use.

It’s just more situational than it used to be. Sym 2.0’s primary fire held most of her power; whereas, Sym 3.0 has better turrets and orbs as a trade off for a situationally strong primary that requires set up.

It was an overall nerf to her primary fire, but the pros outweigh the cons when looking at the rest of her kit. Jeff Kaplan even said they are looking at fine-tuning it more, but overall I think Sym mains are knee-jerk reacting and failing to see the bigger picture.


only the true symm mains will adapt because we never realied on our primary fire to begin with. her orbs and photon barrier and teleporter was always the strongest tools to her kit anyways. only low tier Symms relied on the primary.


Why is it not okay though for her beam to be situational? She has two parts to her gun similar to Zarya and Genji. There will be times when using orbs is more beneficial than using beam and vice versa even if it is not a 50/50 split. They both have their uses.

Previously you would use her LMB the same way, it was jut easier to use and was more rewarding early on. The new LMB is more difficult but has a greater payoff if you can manage the full charge. The smoothing from bad early to awesome late might need some tuning, but overall I don’t think it’s a badly designed primary attack.


Currently that ratio is something like 2% Primary / 98% Secondary.
While previously that ratio was 30% Primary / 70% Secondary.

Her entire kit was useful in 2.0. Her primary is not useful in 3.0 it is trash even if you track perfectly and her ult does little to hinder the enemy team most of the time. You are better off using her secondary at close range right now.


symm 3.0 is a great example of blizzard turning the most poorly designed hero in the game to a fun one


That’s just not true though. Sure you shouldn’t be using primary on squishies without charge, but if you’re not charging off tanks when given the opportunity, then you’re just not wanting to utilize her new strengths.

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Honestly, try using it more. It definitely has its uses more than 2% of your match time.

No. Ever heard of the vocal minority phenomenon? These forums are an inaccurate representation of the hero’s player base.

Let’s look at it this way. Let’s say you are a Symmetra player who loves her new skillset. Are you going to go to the forums with the explicit intention of making a thread to express this? Very unlikely. You might, but most people definitely won’t.

On the other hand if you dislike the changes, you have far more motivation to express this dislike on the forums.

What this results in is a very skewed picture of the actual opinions of the majority of the playerbase. I’ve been talking about her new version with a lot of players that had a significant playtime on Symmetra and the vast majority, by far, liked her. Now, obviously this still wasn’t a statistically reliable sample, but that’s the whole point - neither are these forums.

As for Sombra, she is currently on the PTR, which means that if their data shows she is underperforming, she’ll probably get further changes. That’s what PTR is there for.


If you’re using it more than say 5% of the time, you’re playing Sym completely wrong or against idiots.