Crossplay update soft region locked everyone

Crossplay update merged all lobbies and made it impossible to choose a region if you are solo.
It doesn’t matter whether you pick NA or EU on the blizzard app, you will always connect to the closest server unless you are grouped with someone else and even then it will be 50/50. This is a big deal to those of us who prefer playing on NA despite the 100ms.
Can we get a fix for this?


The worst part is that not only you no longer give us the option to choose but you can also be thrown into any region for the sake of “faster q times”

Working as intented? I guess that’s what needed to happen when your playerbase is dying.


No. This was intended with the new BattleNet global play update.

Update: I am tracking/surveying those who are getting out of region games frequently. Report your results here:


If it’s such a big deal use a VPN.


WHY??? you are joking right? Have you ever played doomfist or tracer on high ping? Do you understand what that does to competitive??? Make in Quickplay and Arcade only, but not Comp.


I still believe you can group with friends regardless where they are though.

Wait, you are intentionally playing on a higher ping?

But the system was designed to better set you up on servers with the lowest ping for you whereever you are. In theory. :stuck_out_tongue:


They could just play Junkrat and maybe it will be an advantage. Who knows?

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And increase my ping further in the process. Such a great idea.
It doesn’t make sense to remove the ability to choose where we want to play.


A VPN can actually decrease your ping circumstantially. A good one, at worst, will keep you around where you currently are anyways.

I’m betting he could ban the IPs of his local server with a firewall block.

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They have been talking about this for awhile now. They are merging all the regions, been in the works for some time. Now with merging all the platforms too.

They are always changing the IPs and doing so risks technical issues which can result in leaver penalties. Please don’t encourage others to do this.


Late night/early morning there’s a big chance of being thrown into ME servers when you q from EU. Those servers have higher latency (160ms) than NA east (100ms).


this also makes it so if I Q with my friends from EU we can’t choose the server? we often play peak times on NA when EU is dead now we can’t do so as every Q so far has been EU? What a joke of a change


Im from EU playing with NA friends. To me ping does not matter. But to my NA friends it does. So far we only got EU games. And the thing is: I wanna be able TO CHOOSE where to play. I dont want to play EU ranked, to me personally its hell and i prefer NA. Since I can live with the ping (support player) its okay, i got used to it, i dont main heroes that need low ping. Wont be playing ranked till i can be 100% sure what region i will get


Not all of them. Many actually increase your latency. I know mine does.

Ok, so what’s wrong with the EU servers? I’m confused.


You dont give ping dependant players another choice to be honest. Ive seen EU players blocking Middle eastern servers because for some reason they got middle eastern games at peak times and got 300 ping. This is NOT okay!


Imagine playing with anything higher than 40 to 60 ping… why is this a good thing, again?

Do you know what 100 ping is like? That makes a huge difference. So baad


Not just EU servers, but anyone of any region can be put into a server more distant than their closest one in order to accommodate matchmaking during low-peak times or at extreme ranks like low-Bronze or Grand Master. In Europe, the Bahrain datacenter (a.k.a. Middle East is relatively low-populated, so it often pulls players who normally connect to Versailles or Amsterdam in order to fulfill a match.


As of this moment, you can still choose your region on PC… I was just looking at it. But I know eventually it will go away there too as I recall.

Though I’m not sure how that works with progress on different realms yet. For example, D3. I have different progress on the EU realm vs the Americas one.

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Well that blows. No wonder.

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