Please Blizz, One TBC Server

Blizz, please run a The Burning Crusade server.

You have many customers with a great range of tastes. Some of us love the original Classic Era, some WotLK, and others enjoy the current Retail version. There are also many of us that love TBC era, as can be seen by this topic coming up over and over again.

I understand that the forum population is a small fraction of the player base, but it is simultaneously a sample of the larger player base. Each person here on the forums represents hundreds (or more) of players out there.

There is a core of us that want to make a TBC server our home. We enjoy the flavor of the Classic Era, which TBC retains much of, yet we also want to have Blood Elves and Draenei in the game, Guild Banks, Jewelcrafting, etc.

Just this past week I have been leveling a Draenei Warrior through Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles and I had a blast. You did a great job with those areas. I love playing through Eversong Forest and Ghostlands too (as well as the vanilla areas). Not all players like to rush to the endgame. There are many of us that enjoy the journey. We actually enjoy leveling, cooking, fishing, and professions in general. Classic Era and TBC were good for that stuff.

Please, quietly put a fresh TBC server out there. A quick news story to announce it. No fanfare is needed. Maybe mention it briefly at BlizzCon and that’s it. Then see what happens. See if it gets populated over the next few months. This can be an experiment. Perhaps experiment with TBC+? Tweak TBC to have Achievements and raise the vanilla raids to level 70? Or just put out a fresh simple TBC server. Either would work for most of us who want a TBC server.

My sub is about to run out, so I won’t be able to reply to this post. I hope it makes sense. I’ll be back most likely to goof around one day, but I would be enthusiastic to come back to a TBC server, and I’ll most likely drag my kids onto it too.

Take care Forums!

Edit: Locking at 70 on WotLK won’t be the same. The start areas are on easy mode in WotLK (all mobs are neutral now), reagents have been removed (poisons, starting fires, etc.), we now catch Sickly Fish, Tattered Cloths, etc. (Fishing is important! :wink: ). TBC largely retained the flavor of Classic when leveling. You lose all of that on WotLK.

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The only way this possibly happens is if we get dedicated Wrath era servers.

As it stands now we don’t have Classic Era servers for Vanilla and Wrath. We have Classic Vanilla Era and Classic Progression servers.


Sounds good to me. We should have all three.


Dont be greedy… Diablo 4 players just want a game that isnt “this room gets this many monsters, and this room gets this many monsters… shwww we really became innovative today”. Enjoy what you have.


Blizzard is running into an issue of fragmenting their player base.
Retail, Era, SOM, HC, Wrath (soon Cata), Wrath Era

Plus, you want to add a TBC Era. I think a better long term strategy would be to integrate Vanilla, TBC, Wrath into the SOM rotation.

I’m all for another go of TBC but they need to be strategic about it… oh we’re doomed :frowning:

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They just need to scrap it all, leave classic era alone; and make WoW 2 from the ground up… on second thought… that would be a travesty…

just ride it out Blizzard.

Innovation is dead.


I really don’t like TBC, at all. It’s the second worst expansion.

However, I hope y’all get a TBC server, preferably PvP.


“Ugh, having one single functional TBC server is simply asking too much. You’re not a game developer so you wouldn’t understand.”

-someone at blizzard probably-


They already did make WoW2, it’s retail WoW. They just made it iteratively over time instead of making a new box. Cata was basically the beginning of WoW2, new world, new graphics, new game systems, etc.


Sounds like Diablo IV players don’t want a Diablo game. Snarf, snorf.

+1 for dedicated TBC Servers. The best expansion… Glinda.


It isn’t necessarily fragmenting if a TBC server pulls in players (or retains players) that have become uninterested with the other current choices.



It’s not my favorite expac but considering how they have [redacted] on Wrath, TBC is amazing in comparison. I’ve no problem with TBC Era servers - two servers with one PVE and one PVP.


Having a PvE / PvP cluster for each of the original three sounds pretty sustainable. Seems like it’s working well for Era.

Speaking of Diablo, I’m one of those weird minorities that also thinks Diablo I is the best. Guess I’ve just got brain problems.


I’d only laugh if you had a special machine running Win98 to play it. Or XP lol.

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Be so nice to have all three revolving. I’d never play Wrath, but some people like that.

TBC/Wrath don’t matter if they’re PVE or PVP since World PVP doesn’t happen, but Vanilla would need separate servers most likely.

Don’t be ridiculous…

… it runs Windows 2000…


If the TBC population is high as you think it is, then start up a TBC guild on one of the wrath servers. You can lock your exp to 70. If it’s popular enough, blizzard will impliment a server, just like they’re doing with HC.

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I dont know.
TBC for me felt litk playing a worse classic era experience.
Wotlk feels like a bad retail experience.

wow. even with pallies being able to raid tank or heal, druids being able to tank, heal and dps, shadowpriests being able to raid, etc? i cant imagine being so attached to one spec of one class, that i begrudge wide swaths of the player populattion of being able to have options.


I’d play SoM TBC - a lot of guilds struggled on Serpentshrine Cavern tho imagine if it gets buffed