The addition of TBC and WotLK era servers

So this topic has been floating around for a while…

But Blizzard should implement TBC and WotLK era servers, even if it was just one PvP realm, one RP realm and a Normal realm for each. The fact that there are people willing to play private servers for those eras while running the risk of getting those servers shut down speaks volumes. Many people including myself only care for Vanilla through Wrath and would gladly rotate my time between all 3. I was very upset to see TBC servers disappear when Wrath launched and am just as let down now that Cata servers (Cata isn’t CLASSIC!) are gonna replace Wrath servers. I know my words don’t mean much to the average person but I hope Blizzard starts discussing TBC AND WotLK era servers or gets some ideas floating around for those who will play those versions, despite all the recent talks of the player-base getting too divided from the amount of WoW related content their releasing, I still think if one of each realm type get released for TBC/Wrath they would be able to maintain a healthy population, and private servers can speak for that as well.


No matter which way you slice it, forcing everyone into Cataclysm is very anti-consumer.

There should never have been a time limit on legacy severs. The whole point is for it to last forever


Maybe start with a single PVE or PVP server and see what happens? I’d probably rather play on a pve server, but would play on a pvp if that is all that was available.

Exactly. Blizzard should consolidate Vanilla onto a single server (or single pve and pvp servers), then start at least one server for TBC and WotLK and allow for transfers between them (to raise revenue). Simple and the code is mostly already written. Then players can progress throughout Classic if they want, OR they can just stay in one place. Give the customer what they want.


Right there with you. The pace of expansions has been too fast for me and those I play with. We are raiding AQ40 now and I’d love to eventually transfer to TBC after I’m truly through endgame content in Classic in its original form. Also agree that Classic WoW is Classic through Wrath. I play Normal, so a RP, PvP, and Normal of each would be great. A few servers of each, time zones-whatever!


Yeah, agree 100%. I had JUST started to raid when TBC came out and bam…everyone was gone. Wandered around alone for a few months and eventually found a wonderful guild and people who had stayed behind. We’re clearing AQ40 now and are about to start Naxx, which a lot of us have never stepped inside. You can’t rush people. Leave some servers up and allow people to transfer or clone from previous expansions only.


Agree just one or two servers for each would be really nice. Cata altered the game pretty dramatically