Tbc hype tbc hype

it was the best version of the game in my opinion, no reason yall cant give us atleast one server


best version of the game by far.




It becomes an issue when the company themselves is basically encouraging people to go to private servers to play what is essentially now abandonware because they don’t offer the game the way it was anymore, I could go on about the gender thing being removed which is offensive to me personally, but they’re pandering to a specific crowd, and how that changed the original version of the game or the menus etc. I am convicted against private servers but I try to convince myself it’s okay to play on them to no avail lol the community is already fractioned people wanna play their favorite version of the game just think about the halo master chief collection for example some preferred halo 3 some preferred halo 2 you know? Why do we have this mindset that it can only be halo 1 and halo 4 and 3 and leave halo 2 in the dust essentially forcing people to make private servers in order to give people what they want, not only that it seems these private servers handle bots exponentially better than blizzard does, how does that happen? I hear that they boot people left and right that are gold spamming etc.


Every day I chek classic forum, and every single day I see a TBC era server request. Do you think blizzard see this? Because it been happen since long months ago and they don´t say anything about it. I really want to play my favorite expansion and it´s so sad that I can´t even copy the character that took more than a year to gear, while the vanilla lovers (I´m currently playing era BTW) had that option and can play it without search a private server.



Right I feel you man I will probably try SoD for now but I would much rather just have bc I still have the original disk so I can convince myself in my mind that it’s not theft logically but then I pray and I feel convicted lol. I would pay for the burning crusade again if it would just be all good for me without feeling I’m sinning to play it in my spare time, wotlk trivialized BC content let’s be honest as soon as prepatch hit everyone was running sunwell who wanted to basically because the talents break the bc version of the game so don’t pretend it’s still being offered when it’s not


biggest problem with TBC is there was no reason to go out in the world and do anything everyone was AFK in town just like wotlk

I liked TBC. The rep grind burned a lot of people out in the classic re-release, but the game had fun dungeons, great music, and beautiful aesthetics. I know its super unpopular but id play with the other 9 of us on a TBC era server if they ever made one.


you mean everyone already has their netherdrakes, nether rays, talbuks, and etc by the time their hubbing shatt? and they have their reps

Ashtongue Deathsworn
Cenarion Expedition
Honor Hold
Keepers of Time
Lower City
Sha’tari Skyguard
Shattered Sun Offensive
The Aldor
The Consortium
The Mag’har
The Scale of the Sands
The Scryers
The Sha’tar
The Violet Eye

and their profession mats? took me more than a month to get all the mats for shadoweave pieces, then another round for spellcloth pieces when arcane and fire were buffed


If classic realms were as they were first supposed to be, then yes TBC should have remained.

But with all the changes and tweaks they have made to vanilla classic, wrath classic and soon cata classic, TBC classic wouldnt have stayed as it was. They change things to make it easier and easier and easier.

They can have copies of the same character on each different classic realm. Even real wow players on retail can’t do that! They have different systems and content added to classic realms and that should never have happened.

What we have now are not what we were supposed to have. Classic vanilla has been changed a lot, TBC they removed, Classic Wrath has changed a lot and Cata will as well.

If you want to enjoy the entire game, play retail. All expansion content is available at any time.

Btw, not having TBC shows that the devs are only listening to a certain vocal minority and not the whole playerbase.

We need a questionnaire to be sent to every account holder. Then and only then, will the devs find out what the majority of players think. Until then, its just a small minority of players who are the loudest :confused:


It is more popular than you may think. There are many posts asking for TBC and many comments supporting the idea. Pull in the future disgruntled Cata players, the unsubbed players that would come back, and maybe even some private players if they thought Blizzard would keep the server up permanently (which they have been very good with doing over the years). A single TBC server would be a great experiment for Blizzard. In the WORST case scenario, it would hold a population large enough for them to break even. They really can’t lose by doing this.


No point rehosting it since they won’t do anything the game needs.

  1. Dual spec (or even more than 2).
  2. RDF.
  3. Class balance changes, aka more than 1 decent tank at level 80.
  4. Retuned heroics with a difficulty/reward structure that makes sense.
  5. Can also add arena changes to the list. Stop ransoming the 2nd best set behind a rating. Don’t cap the amount of points earned per week. Just pay per match like a normal system (battlegrounds) does.

I guess I could give ONE point for the same faction BGs they introduced in crusade. But it’s not worth a row of other deductions.

I used to be against P H R E S H, multiple server versions, etc…

But then I read an article that WoW subs are up…up with no new retail expansion, up with no new classic launch.

It was then I realized…just give the people what they want. You will make up the difference in new and returning subs.

Just do it Blizz!

PS…Blizz, just check my history, continously subbed since 2007, I am your target customer.


this very much


I am not sure this is the best idea. It takes the player from responsible participant to spectating participant, which detaches you from the adventurer making an experience, to an adventurer having an experience.


BC and WotLK servers would be great. So they’re never going to happen. We’ll get plenty more Season of Gimmick though.


Meh, I loved Phase 1. I honestly wish it was longer. Phase 2 was a stepback but more b/c I don’t think they put as much prep time into it. Phase 3 is the first time the spell broke for me and I found myself really disliking where the game was heading…development truly lost the plot somewhere between phase 1 and 3. But, I still wouldn’t call it a gimmick.

Said it before, would say it again:

I was very excited for TBC but not having any new servers open for it (after classic had its economy ruined by bots) plus the boosters with mount sort of ruined the feel for it for me.

A fresh start server without boosts would be a dream.


I had fun both times with TBC, and I would still be playing there from time to time if it was still a thing. I didn’t get to commit to it nearly as much during the Classic version as I did the first time around, but its not like I was ever hardcore anyway.

Whether TBC or Vanilla would be my main thing, its hard for me to say. TBC wasn’t perfect, and I think they made some mistakes, but I’m really glad I got the chance to play it both times.

I played on a PvP server during the original TBC, and I had a lot of fun in QD and the outerworld, but it sounds like that didn’t age very well in its more recent iteration. I was on PvE and far less active the second time around, so I didn’t revisit that part very much. I tried some 2x XP TBC pserv a long time ago, but it was buggy and I didn’t spend much time there, so I don’t really count that.


Blizz, think of all of all the private server people that could be paying customers.