Give Me TBC ! or Give Me Death!

Retail is Trash, Plunderstorm is Trash, SoD is Trash, Cata is fairly decent but it was the day Blizzard had to server merge because the player base has gone down from 10mil to 2 mil.

I still remember being alone in org, when the players all left after the last patch of wrath. The game did have a resurgence when Mists popped, and people like the content and stayed. The player base also died down at the last MoP Patch during Timeless Isle. I guess people dont want to pvp anymore on a pvp server, and MoP had a lot of PvE content which the players liked, hence why people remember it being good, great PvP farming system too, just que 2’s arena and get full conquest gear that way.

Anyways, the topic i want to get off my chest is about TBC !!! it was home for many of us, and the spell system was nearly perfect, not too bursty like wrath, where you can solo dungeons at level 30*, it had the right character scaling per level which felt better leveling than Classic era. Better rewards in dungeons too with the Blue Upgrade in Deadmines instead of greens.

The only reason im not on a tbc private server now is because its full of hackers. But if Blizz just opens up a Wrath Era or TBC Era for free, a lot of players would be able to scratch that ‘Nostalgia itch’.

No SoM Era for TBC please, just straight up TBC server, where we can enjoy slow leveling. Peace.


and I want WotlK ERA servers but will I ever get those? No…

Would I truly want them? Probably not. I’d get tired of raid logging.

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Amen! Keep the hope alive. Please put up a TBC server early this summer.

And welcome to the cause:
Please Blizz, One TBC Server


Give this man his faceroll no skill WoW content!

Retail is leet.

I would love a few dedicated TBC servers and some Wrath ones as well, where transfers are allowed only from previous expansions. It probably sounds insane to most, but I’m still playing on a Classic server and we just got AQ40 down. Eventually I’d love to move to TBC and then Wrath, playing through everything at the our own guild’s pace.