...and i still don't get it?

I still do not understand…

I tried to REALLY understand from differents points of view (Marketing, sales, tradition, even logic and more…) the coming of Cataclysm “Classic” and I still don’t get it.

*How can you justify making the SAME mistake you made 14 years ago (like Elrond, “I was there” ^^)

*At the time, Blizzard had lost almost 30-40% of subscriptions…
*It was also from this time that private servers exploded.
*It was around this time that players started talking about “going back in time.”

  • Yes, new players arrived and liked it, even the old ones sometimes liked it, despite this you still lost 30% of your subscriptions so the conclusion is simple, the players did not like it.

And yet, 14 years later, you are about to make (what am I saying…) MAKE the same mistake AGAIN.

In the term “Classic” you had all the essence of the classic game with the “old world” with the arrival of Deathwings and all the scars that its arrival made, you “transformed” this old world. However, it is him that 30% of players wanted to keep…

Calling Cataclysm “classic” is clearly an abberation and a big mistake. Players responded overwhelmingly and negatively at the time and I predict this: you are going to lose your bet again with Cataclysm… You are going to lose the same players who came back when “classic” came out for exactly the same reasons as at the time */Facepalm

To keep as many players as long as possible, you may want to:

*Consider creating servers dedicated to different eras;

For example:

1-Vanilla classic servers
2-TBC classic servers and
3-Wotlk Classic servers and facilitate migration between them.

Thus, a player with enough Vanilla Wow could migrate when HE WANT TO (and not by feeling held hostage by the decision-makers and being “forced” to follow when a new expansion comes…) towards TBC.

This same player when he gets tired of playing in TBC could then migrate to WOTLK. Which would mean the player could spend A LOT of time ($$$) developing their character(s) across the 3 true classic eras at their own pace.

You want proof of that? Sure.
How many players are already asking for Vanilla, TBC and Wotlk servers on the discussion forum? Imagine all those people and those that do not create topic about that…

But no… I’m probably delirious…

In short, time will perhaps (very probably) prove me right. We will be fixed soon because… a cataclysm is coming!

p.s: Those who think I’m wrong and delusional, I hope you have the decency to come back here to tell me you were wrong when the Cataclysm classic figures come out :stuck_out_tongue:

On that, happy “classic era ending” !

p.p.s: Sorry for my bad english writting/speaking


I was seriously so confused when they announced Cata Classic. I’d love to know who actually asked for that. Cata is literally when our guild broke up and everyone started leaving WoW. Why would we want to go back to that?

Now granted I don’t have hundreds of friends on Battle.net, but I probably have around 80+. No one on my friend’s list and I repeat No. One. is going to play Cata. I mean, I’m sure some people will play it… but when I ask my WoW friends about it, they are like “absolutely not.” As a matter-of-fact, most people I know who are currently playing Wrath, are going back to Era instead of moving forward to Cata.

It will be really interesting to see how well Cata does this time around. I’m with you, I think Cata is the wrong path forward.


If you want to regurgitate the same tired argument of liking the old world, we have Classic Era. You can play through it any time.


If you read well, : i was talking about what players were talking/saying at that time!

If you want to copy/quote, next time take the whole sentence, not just a clip of it. Because you are missing the point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


100% agree with OP.


I wonder if the game came out and it was vanilla-ified in the following ways would people like it?

  • Fresh start servers
  • No heirlooms
  • No transfers
  • Grouping tool is TBC-style in that it finds your group on your server but you still have to hoof it to the dungeon
  • No LFG (it was only added in the last raid anyway though)

So much of Cata was focused on the new leveling experience after all

This is what they need to do. Even make the migration a paid service. If people want to migrate, they open their wallet and help finance the servers. If not, they can roll new toons on each server.

Edit: Blizz can even start with a TBC server this summer and see if it can maintain a population. If so, then add in a WotLK server.


Nope - those things you mention here are all minor. At least for me
I won’t play Cata because this means that

  • the world is ruined
  • talent trees are ruined,
  • spells are locked behind specs,
  • all the things like feed pet and so on does not exsist any more,
  • you’re seriously overpowered compared to the world while levelling,
  • classes loose much of their unique feel,
  • Hunter get focus instead of Mana but no Focus potions or food are brought into the game,
  • levelling is made linar and boring,

In short you do not any longer have the freedom of choice that is what made Calssic fun to play.


Really forgetting about the 70% that did like it.

All I ever hear is “old world noooo” and “hybrids noooo” and “instances r 2 hard :(“ followed by “this is why we shouldn’t have cata classic”

Shut up. More people enjoyed it than not. Go play classic era if you miss the old world so much.

Honestly, a lot of an expansion’s hate comes from content drought. Even WoD was largely liked…for like the first raid tier. Then the content dried up and that shown a spotlight on the other shortcomings.

The sad thing is they aren’t really doing anything to fix THOSE shortcomings. They’re just going to release content faster so you (hopefully) won’t gripe about them.

Fair. But to have all those things you’d have what is not Cataclysm anymore but some sort of Classic +

(my god I want a proper Classic +)

Lots I know going to the Wrath pserver. K? Just do that. Classic world exists in Wrath. Classic world does not exist in Cata. Cata kills classic. Therefore, Cata isnt classic.

This current dev team ruined Wrath Classic btw. Play it with no wow tokens, with arenas that actually have arena teams and so you have to have to play with your own teamates and cant be boosted by random players who are way higher CR than you and are not on your team. Thats the only reason why so many dont want arena team…cuz it allows someone with 0 rating to queue up with someone who has 2k+ rating and so that gets you free boosts in other words. Teams force you to earn all that you get.


Cata was first xpac to end with less than it began. Cata was the start of the end for Blizzard. And there you go with your random psycho schizoid rampages again. Telling random people to shut up for no reason.

That’s exactly what his post was saying he wants to keep doing. Get out of here with your advanced stages of apathy that are very clearly having a negative effect on you now.


This is why I ask for Era servers of all three Classicis and won’t play Cata.


I’m sure this 1 post level 10 character will still around. Yep, totally.

Less than 2% of the WoW playerbase uses the forums ever. He came to make a single post, he made it and he is now gone from the forums. You do not have to be a max level toon with thousands of posts in order to make a point on the forums here.

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Man people love to complain lol, that’s all I really get from this

Bound to happen at some point.

Or are you really so dumb to believe that one day everyone in the world would play wow and only wow?


That’s the reason why I said “Shut up”.

It’s right there. Open your eyes.

Also nice narrative change. When are you going to spin it back and say that I’ve been calling you schizo for schizo ramblings?

God you’re actually an idiot.

You’d save everyone’s brain cells if you did shut up.

The ppl playing retail currently like cata. If you came for classic our time is up.


Clearly i have only this one ! :wink: