TBC, Wrath Era plsss

Props to blizzard for keeping vanilla era servers. I currently divide my gaming time between Era and Wrath. Couldn’t get into SOD and after trying retail it isn’t for me. Vanilla, TBC and Wrath are the best versions of Wow in my opinion. Please give us TRUE original pre nerf TBC and Pre item lvl change/catch up mechanic Wrath era servers. Think the best way is to do a Seasonal TBC that progresses through the expansion and at the end allow players to clone there characters on a TBC era server and Begin the journey to Northrend. Once the WOTLK season is over those characters are moved to permanent era servers and that’s it. Just like current Vanilla era you wont have to do anything with them. We can continue to level new characters, raid and run dungeons with no reason to be in a hurry. Make it happen PLS!


Exactly. I thought we would have permanent TBC servers and was really looking forward to that being my home. That never happened and I was really let down by that. With the end of the Classic run (TBC and WotLK ending), I am hopeful that Blizzard will throw up a TBC server and if successful, then put up a WotLK server too.



I want TBC! Come on Blizzard!!


They’ve already provided hardcore realms and SoD realms. I cannot imagine that they’re going to further split the already dwindling server numbers. If anything, I’d think they’d start a fresh server in each time zone on the same timeline as the current WotLK servers before they’d release “era” servers.

sod sucks no thanks

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Merge those versions with Vanilla or a TBC server. HC was a mod and would probably be better left that way. This way both sets of people can play TBC on the same server. Maybe have HC as an option on a TBC server or Vanilla server?

I really want a Wrath Era realm


tbc and wotlk fans are specific groups. when blizz doesnt provide them, fans go off to pservers, play classic era or go to whole new games. some will go to cata or retail, but they’ll lose alot of that group of fans.


I unsubbed yesterday. I’ve had an active account since 1/2006. :frowning:

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eek. how we gonna get them to add tbc if we leave?

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A TBC and/or Wrath era server will fulfill a niche, but only temporarily, as those player will either quit due to boredom or start complaining that there isn’t anything new to do. It would become “WE WANT TBC ERA+/WRATH ERA+” or something else wildly obnoxious.

Aside from that, they’ve already spread themselves too thin. There are too many options right now that are pulling development and focus in too many directions.

If anything, once they close all these dead servers and Cataclysm nears it’s end stages, I think that they should redo the entire Classic experience, it it’s original timeline. Much like the TLP servers of EverQuest. It’s something that all players will find a part of that they absolutely love and will remain subbed for it.

Everyone I’ve ever talked to who said this is either lying or comes back.

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well they better hurry cause their audience is getting old. i’m nearly 70, a cancer survivor, have diabetes and rhemuatoid arthritis. if they wait another two years, i may end up having to push buttons with my chin lol

i left once for a couple years but dont think i unsubbed, just got distracted by rea life

Well, at least you have a good reason to be anxious. :smiley:

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lol ive tried voice activated wow but it keeps misunderstanding me. i tried to get it to do something simple like type a spoken paragraph on these forums and the results were hilarious. i either need to spend alot more money for better tech or learn to push keys with my feet or a pencil . yikes


I’m going to speak with my wallet, I guess. I was also given a chance to state the reason I was unsubbing, so I let them know. No reason to pay for a game I’m not playing.

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Well I’m not lying. Will I be back? Of course, under the right conditions! I’m not anti-Blizzard and I have no problem giving them my money when I’m actively enjoying their games. I’m not right now, it’s as simple as that.


This is pretty much my sentiments. Heck, I only bought more game time to lobby for a TBC server here on the forums (and to goof around on my toons before Cata goes live). When that time is up, I have no real intention of playing Cata or retail. Era is okay, but it is TBC that I enjoy the most.

Like you, I would 100% come back under the right conditions, which is a TBC server for me.