Why we should have a BC Server, according to ChatGPT

Even ChatGPT thinks having a Burning Crusade server is a smart decision. :slight_smile:

Preserving Gaming History: The Burning Crusade expansion marked a significant milestone in World of Warcraft’s history. By releasing a Burning Crusade Classic server, Blizzard has the opportunity to preserve this iconic era of the game for both longtime fans and new players who may have missed out on experiencing it originally. It allows players to relive the nostalgia and excitement of the Burning Crusade era.

Player Demand: There is a substantial demand among the player base for a Burning Crusade Classic server. Many players have expressed their desire to revisit the challenges, content, and experiences of the Burning Crusade expansion. By catering to this demand, Blizzard can strengthen player engagement and satisfaction, potentially bringing back players who have left the game or attracting new ones who are interested in experiencing classic WoW content.

Community Engagement: The release of World of Warcraft Classic demonstrated the power of nostalgia and community engagement. Players enjoyed coming together to re-experience the classic WoW gameplay and social dynamics. Similarly, a Burning Crusade Classic server would foster a vibrant community of players eager to embark on new adventures in Outland, forming guilds, alliances, and friendships along the way.

Retention of Subscribers: Providing players with the option to experience classic WoW content can enhance player retention rather than fragmenting the player base. Players who may have been considering unsubscribing from World of Warcraft might decide to stay subscribed in anticipation of the Burning Crusade Classic release. Knowing that they’ll have the opportunity to relive their favorite memories from the Burning Crusade era can incentivize players to maintain their subscriptions.

Revenue Potential: The release of World of Warcraft Classic proved to be a lucrative venture for Blizzard, attracting millions of subscribers and generating significant revenue. By extending this success with a Burning Crusade Classic server, Blizzard can tap into a similar revenue stream. Players are often willing to pay subscription fees to access classic content, providing a steady income for the company.

Content Variety: Offering both World of Warcraft Classic and Burning Crusade Classic servers provides players with greater content variety and choice. Some players may prefer the classic WoW experience, while others may be more interested in the challenges and features introduced in the Burning Crusade expansion. By catering to different player preferences, Blizzard can appeal to a broader audience and ensure long-term engagement with their game.

Enhancing the Main Game: The release of classic servers does not detract from the main World of Warcraft experience but rather enhances it. It provides players with additional options and experiences while also generating renewed interest in the game as a whole. Players who start with classic servers may be more inclined to explore the current expansion content, leading to increased engagement across all aspects of the game.

Maintaining Player Trust: Listening to player feedback and responding to their desires demonstrates that Blizzard values its community and is committed to delivering content that resonates with them. By releasing a Burning Crusade Classic server, Blizzard can strengthen player trust and loyalty, reinforcing its position as a company that listens to its player base and delivers on their expectations.

In summary, releasing a Burning Crusade Classic server presents numerous benefits for Blizzard Entertainment, including preserving gaming history, satisfying player demand, fostering community engagement, generating revenue, providing content variety, enhancing the main game, and maintaining player trust. It’s a decision that aligns with Blizzard’s commitment to delivering immersive and engaging gaming experiences for its players.

Please Blizzard, please. :pray:


I think ChatGPT has been reading our threads: :slight_smile:

Please Blizz, One TBC Server

Regardless, even the AI gets it. Blizz, throw up a TBC server this summer and keep more of your customers in your ecosystem.


We’re going to have them one day. When that day gets here is anyones guess.


I hope it is very soon, before we all move in a different direction.