New Realm Population Label System

(Kaivax) #1

With a hotfix to WoW Classic a few moments ago, we’ve changed how the realm population labels work in order to display realm populations in a more meaningful way.

How it worked before this hotfix

As we explained here, the system previously calculated the population labels by comparing all realms to the most-populated realm. This could result in a very crowded realm (with a lengthy queue) showing up as “Medium”, since it was being compared to the realm that had the highest population and a potentially massive queue.

How population labels work now

This system now measures each realm against a realm’s absolute capacity. Medium indicates a healthy total population on a realm – well in excess of what we considered Full in a 2006 – with room for more players to log-in. You’ll now see a High label if the realm is close to having a queue, and a Full label if the realm currently has a queue.

We will continue to monitor this system closely and take further steps if necessary.

Thank you very much!

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Thank you for this, but any news on server transfers? Grob has an 8000+ player queue right now, and guilds aren’t going to pack up and reroll to a low pop realm that could die without a transfer.


Yeah, never. Reroll, how high could you have gotten IN A DAY!


Very cool, thanks for addressing the real problems.


So does this mean youre actually addressing the queues or just making it easier to look at?


Please have server transfers and make more servers


Been in queue for 7 hours now.

inb4 “mAkE a NeW cHaRaCtEr”

so abandon my level 20 and all 9 of my IRL friends. K

(Avarus) #8

Thanks for…changing the labels?


Its too late now. You should have locked all the servers people paid money for early access to and made tourists roll on other servers.


lol all butfour servers are full


Thanks for my 3rd disconnect. Back to queue. Weird how it never hits streamers.

Maybe atleast boot all people from the server and not only some.


That sarcasm though


No really sure how this alleviates the current situation of people waiting in 8 hour queues to play…

(Silme) #14

Late is better than never. Thanks.


Why in the world was this not the original formula? What possible benefit did you previous method have?


Can you please inform us if a new Eastern server will open? The queues are astronomical and the holiday weekend is coming…

(Hexxus) #17

I made friends I wouldn’t want to lose touch with within the first 10 minutes of the game going live. Let alone the first day.


I didn’t want to be that person who complained but jesus christ, 2 days now and EVERY server says FULL… congrats on the BS Blizzard!

(Silme) #19

If you’ve got your name, your guild name, and have built a guild community, rerolling isn’t that much of an option.


Trust me, we knew they were full.