The REAL reason behind the queues

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Right, a for-profit publicly held company’s executives are shirking their fiduciary responsibilities to protect their jobs…which would cost them their jobs.

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Good point, never thought about that. Stonks are up, though.


Every server is full because when one server has a queue, a bunch of people who have absolutely no intention of playing on another server have to make a level 1 and run around talking. We’re seeing this already, and we saw this every single time a server has crashed for the entire life of this game.


Everquest started their TLP servers forever ago, and their live game is doing just fine, people are still buying the expansions, Sony (or whatever Russian company that owns it now) is still making money.

The same will happen here.


I lol’d, thanks for the laugh


They can get away with it. They have the excuse they released more servers. They have the excuse every one of their launches goes this way, and they know it. It doesn’t put them in as much jeopardy to try and sabotage Classic as Classic being successful puts them in.


Or maybe Blizzard just doesn’t hire very good people. They wouldn’t be the first company to value loyalty over skill.


You think their parent company is happy about losing a player base accustomed to making micro transations for mounts and cosmetics? Of course they want people back in retail…


I feel same way to be honest and way they’re handling the whole situation is clearly suggesting you might be 100% right.;


Not only that, but they also probably hope the queues entice some new or returning people to abandon trying Classic and try BFA instead.


I get this take. I really understand the concept of “Why would they want to do this? your perspective is crazy!” and I keep seeing it as the defense of blizzard’s lack of effort to get this stupid game rolling. But a real for-profit publicly-held company attitude is not to have a bunch of servers in the red and do nothing to get this fixed. Thats the real confusing thing about all of this.


Who is Pepe Silvia??


Exactly. This is atypical to a degree we haven’t seen before even from Blizzard.


more like “You think you queue, but you don’t” at this point


This makes no sense. Everything is subscription-based. If they get more subs from this, then it’s a success. If they get re-sub’s to stay on and try out content they’ve missed out on that’s even better. It really makes no difference what people are playing if they keep their sub going. They get more subs, they make more money.


for one… classic is a guaranteed monthly fee… there are no wow tokens…
so while there isnt YET any by mounts or pets…
classic still presents a better consistant monthly fee than retail…


Yeah but then when investors see the new subs are coming from the old game, and the current guys are what made them lose out on so much potential money by running the game into the ground, the investors will want the heads of Blizzard gone and replaced. That’s why. It makes perfect sense.


They could gain sub’s by playing tic-tac-toe and their investors would cheer. They don’t even have to develop a new game and gain sub’s? That’s a HUGE win. And they can potentially add content and further monetize it to the re-subs… Win again. They only question is how long the new sub’s last. And the queue is simply an indication of demand for a product. Win again.


I actually think it has to do with Stock Investor Confidence. I own stock and this is the Hype I would want to see in my portfolio.


Exactly. It’s like saying if Old Spice original all of the sudden started to be a gigantic hit they’d try to not sell it because they were embarassed that the newer products weren’t selling as well. They’d crank that old stuff out like crazy. And the market would reward them for making money. Nobody would care at all that the newer stuff was being upstaged by the old stuff.