How are server populations being determined?


So wanted to see if Blizzard or someone could clarify this.

Every player account can make up to 10 toons on a server.

So if I decide to roll on Thalnos and I make 10 toons, from what I gather from the past, Blizzard says that the server population just went up by 10 toons.

That hopefully should not be how it’s calculated.

If I create a toon on Thalnos, then at that point, I should only ever be counted as 1 populated person on that server since at any time I can only ever play 1 toon at a time therefore the active population never increased more then 1 toon/player.

I hope Blizzard isn’t counting 2-10 alt characters as ‘active’ or include in the total server population because that would be terrible for the actual active population #s.


Now that the game is live I believe it’s based on people actually logged into the game, so it wouldn’t matter how many characters you have on your account.

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As pointed out in other discussions, judging one realm’s population by comparing it to another makes little sense.

If I wanted to know about realm A, I wouldn’t ask about realm B.


That’s not what I’m asking. What I’m asking is if we had a ton of players making up to X amount of toons on a server how is that population determined.

If I had 10 friends and we were on all Server A with 10 toon each, then hopefully that is determined as 10 active populated characters, not 100 populated characters. There’s a huge difference here in determining #s.

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They just hotfixed it to the actual server capacity now so when it says Full that’s when the queue starts.


It isn’t. How many toons created on a realm doesn’t impact realm pop now that the game is live. The realm pops are determined by how many people are actively logged into that realm.