Login time are just not acceptable


It’s not a perk. When you pay for something that you can’t have it’s just something not normal to me…and to a lot of people

I dont play BFA and I dnt play wow since over 7 years. I really enjoy the cassic version and I sub only for this “mode”.

It’s not even a money question. 20$ per month is nothing IF only IF you have what your promess for.

Back in the days I pay 60$ for the game plus expenssion plus 20 per month and I find that really expensive.
One of my friend told me the 20$ is for the server maintenance and everyting is always up no crash etc…

And it was thru. Server was up all the time no kick.
But now. 15 years later with the power of the blizzard server 3h+ queue time…not acceptable

(Darthwraith) #5

Its in the TOS blizzard cant gaurentee 100% accessability weather its due to long que times or servers crashing which happened a couple nites ago.


Agree with you. So I need to tell my 20 friends that play we change server? Why when I create my caracter was medium and now it’s full.

THAT’S the issues i’m trying to understand here. If it’s full it’s because you allow to many people to create on the same server.
Just don’t allow people to create new character


because your just one of millions of people that have created toons for classic. If everyone choses the one server its going to get backlogged on the authentication servers. A glass can only fit so many drops of water in it

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Except it is a perk, there is no “Classic” subscription. You don’t get the choice to only sub for one “mode”. Your sub pays for access to the retail servers. They have released Classic an that sub also allows you to access those special servers, however it isn’t something that is paid for.

As for the queues, they warned everyone that it would happen. They are working on it as best they can but it isn’t something you can simply snap your fingers at and fix. They can’t just open up new servers willy nilly, even though they are opening new servers when they can, they have to balance it with what happens when people leave and they have too many servers.

The cost has never been 20.00 a month and the servers have never been always up with no crashes. It is even in the ToU agreement that you sign that the servers can go down without warning at any time. Servers are also normally taken down for maintenance every Tuesday and have been since the game originally launched.

Again though, none of this is a Customer Support issue, you will want to post over in the Classic forums.

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They’ve never blocked people from creating new characters on a server. That would lead to more problems and anger than just having queues. So you and 5 friends make a character on that server, but your next 15 friends are blocked. now what? can you make alts or no? do you sit there and try to make a character for 3 hours a day until it lets you? what if you leave your characters on that server but you and your 5 friends move to a new one to play with the others, now are your 5 spots still blocked? or you have a character there but you play for 30 minutes a day at 4am, that still taking a spot?

a character creation cap isn’t a quick fix compared to a queue.

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Keep in mind that a lot of players now pay with local currency adjusted to compare to the USD.

Canadians pay $18.99 now per month (if purchased a single month at a time). I’m not sure what the Australian conversion is, but I think it’s similar.

But yes, this is definitely not a CS issue. The devs/CMs have been communicating via the Classic forums, keeping players in the loop on what they’re plan is and how they’re trying to address the queues in an ongoing way.

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The OP stated that he paid that “back in the day”, which I took to mean before he quit playing over seven years ago.

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Just for a point of clarity, Low, Medium, High, and Full are not measures of how many people play on the server. It is a measure of how many people, in relation to the OTHER servers, are on THAT server at that moment.

While I understand your frustration, as somebody else pointed out, Classic, where the Classic Devs look for feedback(not here btw) is the place to post this. You are quite literally yelling into the wind here.

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Just wait a couple weeks for most people to get bored. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, this isn’t the place for this discussion. The Classic forums have a dedicated section, and that’s the correct avenue.

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many moons ago, you could not create characters on a “full” server… full meant full.

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I have also seen “Locked” as a server status.

(Yindar) #16

hmm, maybe i’m wrong. i admittedly only ever played on andorhal which has been low pop since like wotlk. but it seems like when they hit locked you can’t make new chars. i can’t find anything concrete about that though.

(Rufflebottom) #17

Not any more on Classic. The population is listed compared to the maximum that can exist on that server now, not a comparison to the other servers.

(Mastadôn) #18

Oh wow interesting. Thanks for the heads up and clarification.

Well I was right 4 days ago hahaha


Ive litterally not seen a queue since day 1. Make better choices with the information we have.


Me neither
Havent seen a que since Tuesday. If OP is on Herod then its his own damn fault. Blizzard sent out plenty of warnings about that realm.


Its a much better solution because 15 players inconvienced is much better than an entire server of thousands.


They could spin up an extra 50 servers if they wanted to so that nobody had a queue. That approach could lead to the very serious problem of dead realms months later. I’d rather they be cautious about how fast they expand for this reason.

The queueing sucks and i can sympathize: i play on Herod. I literally have to login remotely from work after lunch each day in order to be finally playing when the kids are heading off to bed. That being said, I’d rather deal with inconvenience now if it leads to long term health of the game.

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Blizzard did NOT say this. They did NOT “tell you” this.

You are judging a game that is supposed to last years, based on the first 4 days.

Blizzard has already commented on this. They said they refuse to base their years-long strategy on the first 4 days. They say they could easily open up 4 times as many servers, and you would have no queues now…

…and in 1 month all those servers would be under-populated, and would stay that way for YEARS. Is that what you want? It isn’t what Blizzard thinks most players want.

Blizzard knows a lot more about this than you and I know. Blizzard understands launch-time overcrowding, the problems of under-populated servers, and so on.