All servers FULL!


Even the 12 new ones! OK Blizz. Are you listening now?


Seriously? Sitting in que so I’m not changing realms to check.

If that’s the case, they need to open a LOT more and plan to offer transfers later or something.


I just checked with my starter account, every server is FULL besides 5


well if they stay full all you have to do is be patient while they roll up more servers

(Ymira) #5

doesn’t really work when half your guild is lvl 20+ in game.

(Revannia) #6

Not all of them (but just about) but it’s due to the change they just made on how they’re labeling the realms now. My guess is we’ll see some more servers released but probably not too many sine their goal is still long term health of servers.

(Lovefool) #7

I haven’t even really gotten a chance to play because I can’t get in.

Only real playing I did was getting addons to work and that doesn’t count.

(Medaax) #8


The ones not shown at the top are Herod and Stalagg (where my characters are present) and are obviously also full. There are 2 “High” and then the RPPVP server is on Medium.


All but 4 now. 2 pve 1 rppvp and 1 pvp at high…

(Evilfate) #10

Dont worry its the new system!

(Ymira) #11

Hey guys we’ve fixed the server issues. Now you know before even trying that you won’t be playing tonight. If you are it will be on a server where your name has been taken and you’re alone. Enjoy Classic!


I’ve been looking at articles where Blizz dev’s have stated they are hesitant to open more servers and they believe that a lot of the people will just lose interest because Classic WoW is just not the game they think it is. I can speak for myself and 15 of my friends. We all played at Vanilla, we raided and have been friends ever since. Right now only 7 have been able to log in at all. Two have taken vacation just for this launch, and can’t log in. Please, please just open up as many servers as you can to end the queues. Many of us re-subbed solely for Classic. I’ve been lucky and was able to play last night and this morning. If there was a server I could move to, so all my friends could play I’d do it in a heart beat. But all the servers have a queue. You said that the experience is what you want to give us, and too low a population would deny that. You also stated that a server with MED population has more players than the highest 2006 server. So just make sure we all have MED populations and the experience will be grander than it was back then. Just help us enjoy your game, please.



It’s safe to say they severely underestimated the popularity of the old game and need to get their ducks in a row quick. Better to have too many servers than not enough. Don’t want people screaming for refunds.

(Medaax) #14

It’s already too late. They should have hard capped the servers during name reservation and pushed out the servers to meet that demand. Instead everyone got stuck on the THREE east coast pvp servers with their guilds and whatever and are basically stuck.

This is on a Tuesday. We have a holiday weekend coming up so I don’t see getting in EVER during it.


same here, everyone of my old wow friends resubbed for classic… none of us play live cause its a joke… half of us can even get logged in…


facts Medaax


You asked for classic and now you got it.

(Tormund) #18

You think you do but you don’t


Too bloody right mate, its impossible to enjoy when you cant even log in. Somehow the ball has been dropped pretty badly.


While I understand the concept of blizzard trying to save money by not fielding more servers, I feel compelled to point out that all the folks not able to log in, in part due to this decision, are paid customers. I don’t have all the data, but several of the servers I attempted to login to had queues over 7,000. Multiply by $15 a month - that’s a lot of cash flow for not being able to play…I also think it’s a bit early for Blizzard to label all these people “tourists”. Certainly, a large percentage will leave but I think we’ve missed the balance here - especially when something is paid for and not delivered…