Medium pop still has login queue

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Why can’t we play Retail at the same time while we wait in queue? I (fortunately) didn’t have to wait in any queues yesterday but today I do and I can’t imagine sitting here for 2-3 hours doing nothing to get in.


i would love to log in and see a 900 player que… whos but did you kiss to get this privelage?


There are players still circumventing the queue system by using 3rd party programs to keep them in the character selection screen while they have to go to bed/work/etc. Can we reimplement the 30 minute auto DC or ban them for using such programs, it is absolutely insane to me that I’ve sat in queue for over two hours and my place in line has only gone from 14k to 9.7k. This is coming from someone who has played since vanilla, I feel bad for all of the genuine new people who have been hyped up by their friends and families who are trying the game out, even listening to Blizzards “change server or else” and they still have insanely long multiple hour queues.


This is literally the most important time, the first 72 hours of an onboarding are absolutely critical in making an impression on a person. All of the new players who are trying out the game, or even the genre, for the first time are experiencing this and they will absolutely not stay. Elitists will call them tourists, but they are literally the lifeblood of keeping this kind of game alive.


10 hr que for stalaag lmao

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Nobody does, including Blizzard. The labels were broken and are now fixed, apparently.

Don’t get me wrong, it still really sucks. I honestly think we need free transfers immediately to distribute realm populations. It was just nice to see some blue in here letting us know they’re involved.

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I’d ask why it even works that way.

The whole point of the realm list showing the realm population is to inform the players.

Telling me my realm’s relative population in comparison to another isn’t useful information - it’s something I could already tell when it worked the old way. If my realm said Full and another said Medium, I’d know that realm has less players than mine. And that’s what I need. I need to know what the population is on the servers I’m playing on or thinking of playing on.


So does that mean the only way to get past the queue is to convince all my friends to reroll to a new server? I’m not seeing any responses to how they plan on queue times going down other than people leaving the game or the server.

It seems crazy that the tradeoff of “we don’t want to do realm mergers” vs “we don’t want people to be able to login” is leaning toward poor customer service.


What are you doing about afking players auto running into walls by the thousands on faerlina killing your que times. found a few 10-50 yesterday and this morning saw a few hundred before i logged off. Please advise.

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I got in queue about 20 minutes before someone in my guild did, and he got in before me. Can you please explain that? I can’t make heads or tails of it.

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Out of 27 US realms, 24 are full. We’re running out of places to move.


Its beeing hours since someone from blizzard addressed the issue. Can someone plz let us know what are they doing, what solution are they working atm. i have being in the same queue for the past 3 hours and its still 164 mins till i log back in. SOMEONE PLZ SAY SOMETHING

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In other words short term pain for a long term healthy community.


@Beefsundae he is 100% correct. Do you know how much money Activision probably made on classic’s release? you know how many people subbed 3, 6, or even 12 months? that’s a lot of money. It was litterally 100’s of thousands of returning subscriptions. Quick Ez lowball math assuming 250k subbed 6 months is 19.5 million dollars. For RECYCLED CODE. You’re insane if you don’t think they low balled this knowing they would get their money no matter what happened on release night, week, or even weekend.


Are free character transfers being “tremendously disruptive to realm communities” really more disruptive than the fact that my guild and friend groups can’t play together because of these ridiculous queue times and that we’re all considering just rerolling on one of the new servers and just losing a day of progress than continue to deal with this crap? If server transfers from Grobbulus to Deviate Delight were enabled we’d all be moving there in a heartbeat.


Moved off Faerlina to Stalagg. I’m at 6hrs right now. 17 of us moved. What’s your counterpoint?


Just poor planning, well intended or not.

Thinking back through expansions to Vanilla, this game has had several bad launches. But every time there’s a thoughtful response and plan in place that’s woefully underestimating the players. Doesn’t really help things, and then there are several blue apology posts and so forth.

It seems that the better solution would be over-preparing on Blizzards part, even with a disclaimer or plan to merge lower population servers sooner rather than later when the dust settled specifically to avoid this very issue. Lesser of the evils maybe, but beats the hell out of queue’s. You are the developers and the engineers driving this thing we all want, but with respect I think more players would care about being able to play than Blizzard doing less to begin with because it was easier on them.

I have sympathy for the people that are now faced with the decision of waiting who knows how many hours or days if they can’t get in when they have time and are having to consider whether to play elsewhere solo or not at all. All the new realms help zero percent with this.


Stop making new realms and increase the server population on the ones you already have. Stop giving preferential treatment to “popular” streamers and institute the afk timer back onto the Character Select screen.

You have all the technology and time to get this done right, yet it seems like you purposefully not doing it for whatever reason. No prior projection of realm health would work cause this is entirely an unknown unique circumstance to Blizzard alone. Just open the flood gates and reassess in a months time when the hype has leveled out, THEN do the things you need to do (new realms/transfers/merging/whatever)


Quit with all the deflective nonsense. All these decisions are made in accordance with the stockholders best interest. “Realm Community Well-being”? Get out of here with that. How well do you think those communities are doing with half the the “community” locked out and unable to play with their friends?

Not to mention, I can imagine being able to boast that “We have realms with over 20k people in Q” is a great talking point in your next shareholder meeting. Our “players” want to play our game so bad they’re willing to wait 6+ hours to get in. You are taking advantage of the nostalgia people have been bottling up for years and making a killing off of it. Penny pinching by not adding or outsourcing server space to protect your bottom line instead of your customers.


You guys massively dropped the ball on this one but that’s par for the course when dealing with Blizzard. Every person on the planet knew you didn’t have enough servers to start with, we begged you for more and now we are getting servers added AFTER the game releases and they will 100% be ghost towns in the next few weeks/months. If you would have just released more servers at the start we would have a spread population and not 90% full and people refusing to leave because they KNOW it will NOT be a ghost town in 6 months. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.
This is a “You think you do but you don’t” issue and it regards blizzard not knowing what their players want. Next time try listening to the players and not ignoring everything we say that doesn’t directly fill your coffers.