New Realm Population Label System




LOL only ONE server is medium…yeah blizz was spot on not to release enough servers soon enough.

(Evilfate) #23

Suddenly all the realms identify as full now, holy jesus XD.

(Undedløck) #24

so, are they all full now?


Thank you, this should help me get back in tomorrow morning.


Good job guys. This is going to really solve the problem!

And people say sarcasm doesn’t work on the internet. Hehe.

(Remdaddy) #27

This is how it should have been labeled from the start, honestly i’m pretty annoyed.


This is a great change.
The labels actually makes sense now.


How do I dislike this post?

(Ymira) #30

you can’t dislike anything blizzard does. keep drinking the kool aid or gtfo!


But how many players make up a “full” realm? We need to know, to make informed decisions about which realm we want to stay on!


Increase the player population cap per realm. Offer new realms to transfer after leveling. Problem solved. But you think its better to keep 90% of players out.


So uh,
When I look at the realm population lists I see all full except a few which are high…

I think you should consider more servers…


Is blizzard going to issue gametime for everyone who can’t play today because all servers are full?


offer realm transfers please


The answer to every poor decision Blizzard is making right now leads to GREED.

(Ymira) #37

no they will open up paid character transfers next week though


where are the new servers? every server is fuking full


Then why does Kromcrush still say Medium?


it doesnt.