Nervous about playing on low-mid pop server


Benediction will be high pop by friday. And it will be full at around 8


Every server is going to have que times at this rate. Its a wednesday during school hours. This entire thing has been a joke. They need to come out and just give free transfers and open a couple more realms and let us get started


Well some might want ally and horde and since its a pvp server they might make one om both rp pvp servers like i did. I did DD for horde so i could enjoy zombie walks and ally on Grob


Players needs to stop Anticipating the worse and just play. Just gravitate towards high not full realms if you’re that worried about it.


Also Grob has been out longer so give DD time as its only been 2 days 4 hours since it was added. Most people that play on rp pvp servers are from est area so im sure it will be fine and medium servers are same pop as a full server back in the day. Now it will have low pop at 3am since most will be in bed


I wouldn’t worry. Picking a high server might fill up more and in the long run could cause queues in phase 2

Also do remember all servers will reflect the population throughout the day, meaning that in the busy hours it’ll tell the true population vs night time when most are logged off for the day.


All servers had queue’s last night. Hey look, just another Blizz employee here, nothing to see, move along. Don’t make the mistake of listening to someone being paid to tell you to move from one queue to another.

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I understand with as well but as above said. 2019 Low pop servers are higher then a full in 2006.

@Kazed. There were servers that had little to no queues last night, past 6pm pst. I checked every server looking for some. ;p. If you going to troll try harder.


IF you abandon Herod, you are making the wrong decision.

Q’s will last for a week. Dead server is forever.

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I’m on East Coast and playing on Grobbulus. I already got the names I wanted here and DD is bound to be just as full soon. Doesn’t seem beneficial to move IMO.


You may want to consider moving back to your original server… Blizz is on the move to fixing the short term problem but there’s nothing that can be done about a low pop server which will ultimately happen when you need the people the most and that’s when you’re raid ready.


I dumped my 7/6/6 characters to reroll from Westfall to Windseeker. People need to stop asking for transfers for low level characters. Just move and level to 10 again.


I did both so i could be horde and ally but i do like the lower ping and being est the servers have down time when im on late and other’s are in bed. Makes farming something like herbs easier. Im able to get off work and be on when most raid times are going on but also able to stay on late till 2am.


For real haha, i dont get why people think lvl 1-20 need transfers. One days of work and they were told!!! Many times blue post said high que times for most of these servers and that it was recommended to move to another server before making a home permanently on that server. Now for servers with 1 hour to 30 mins ques this will even out in time and no fix really since there will be some kind of drop off (hopefully less then blizzard thinks). Opening too many servers could make you transfer later which is always worst for the players and guilds.

I personally don’t mind the queue even though it does kind of suck to have to wait (new patch might fix this for most servers which allows more people on at a time) but better to wait now than be on a dead server later after the drop off. Now the drop off could be small or big and we dont know when it will come but im glad they are being safe about it


I checked as well and every pvp server had a queue last night, how much did you make to tell those lies? Not everyone wants to rp a half naked nelf with you.


I honestly wish they would just say they’ll at least offer paid transfers. I’m not waiting 4 hours to play on a realm with my friends, and I also don’t give up progression I’ve made. Its cheaper for me to drop $25 than to reinvest 10+ hours


Just come back to Grobbulus! You’ll only lose one day.


Just like back in the day, once the aq gates are open they’ll gladly take your money but won’t before as to not skew the scarab lord race.


Youre a terrible person. really.


Still no Q and we’re prime time. What’s your response now?