Honestly it might just be time to give up on Classic completely

You invoke your own military service merely because you’re frustrated that you can’t play a video game?
Think about what that says about you.

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How are they not communicating? There are blue posts right now commenting on how they are opening servers and increasing server sizes? What more do you want? Them to call you personally?

For crying out loud its only been two days. Chill out and quit acting so childish.

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Lol it’s been 2 days dude. This is a massive release, give it some time. This is probably one of the greatest things Blizz has done since they released vanilla 15 years ago. And I’m def not a Blizz fan boy, kind of hate the company now.

its only been 3 days smh.

But they have been communicating, daily. Every day since launch there has at least been one blue post (sometimes more) regarding queues and how they are trying to lessen them by either opening more realms or increasing the cap for them.

Just because you say they aren’t communicating doesn’t mean that’s true


Whaaaat classic character on forums!!?? I never knew, I am now Flagg, Forsaken Warlock. FOR THE HORDE!! Now we just need a portrait.

I can guaren-damn-tee you your assessment is inaccurate

People will whine about anything.

Oh yeah, USMC 1975-1980. As a Marine we were taught to be tough enough not to whine and cry about not being able to play a video game due to server queues.


Side note: I really need to get my Classic character to 10! I want my Classic forum avatar. :disappointed_relieved:

She is only level 6 so far lol. Oh well, will get there when I get there!

And then what? The ones who got screwed and cant log in get to chat those that did?? Yeah that sounds like fun.

There’s no queue on a lot of servers now. Why are you still complaining?

Blizz posted a few hours ago the hotfixes to help with queues, they increased server capacity to alleviate the queue issue.


Really? Because the “high” pop servers I originally reserved toons on have 3h+ queue times right now.

The “low” pop servers I immediately moved to became “high” pop in a few hours’ time, and have same queue times. I’ve wash rinse repeated this 4 times now, same thing.

Picked several “medium” pop servers and avg. wait time is ~2h.

Picked several “low” pop servers and avg. wait time is ~1h.

Oh, and the current queue I’m in for a low pop server started at ~1h. Twice now I’ve gone down to ETA <5m and it hopped back up to ~20m.

This is my findings over the last 15m as of this post.

As someone who served in the military, shut up. Why would you even post that on this forum? Nobody cares.

really? seems like the were pretty quick to add servers and increase server capacity. they are not done yet but its getting better slowy. just ride out the storm.

Give me your forum Classic avatar privileges. You lost them.

Edit: Aha! Relogging gave me an avatar picture. Woo!

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Why should they communicate their plans? It was this playerbase that shunned the idea of leveraging an innovative cloud-based design to reduce load, queues, etc. You brought the queue times upon yourself.

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Are you serious? Classic launched two days ago and they’ve been rolling out new servers AND increaesed realm capacity so far to reduce or in some cases eliminate queues outside of prime time.

They’ve also stickied this information in this very forum.