Why have most American servers dropped down to medium pop?


just noticed that within 1 day almost all servers are at medium populations


populations are determined by current player count. This is pretty late for most NA players so it starts to dwindle at this time of night. Most servers were full at 6 PM CDT when I was trying to get on. I had a queue for about 30 mins on Blaumeux.


servers start filling up after 2pm EST and are full by 6pm EST. Herod was still 2500 queue deep after 11pm, but blizz made the servers bigger and since then I have not experienced a line that 20k deep like before. no more 780min queues lol


Lol I wish.
The population now counts the people online at the moment, retail and up to a couple of days ago in classic counted ALL accounts on the realm.

The “medium” pop you see now just means that there’s a “medium” size amount of people online RIGHT NOW at 4 am, this is NOT the case on retail realms and old classic, the realm pop there just counts total accounts on the realm, regardless if they’re online or not, and makes the assessment of full, medium, etc, a “full” realm on the old system could have less players online than a medium realm.

Keep in mind this is counting layering and what not, medium sized pops are way above and beyond what was a full realm in vanilla days.

By tomorrow we’ll be back to every realm full and 15k+ queues when we hit the normal hours, it might actually be way worse due to the weekend.


It’s 2 to 4am here.

Check at 6-10pm.


It’s currently between 1:30-4:30am on a Thursday night in most of the US. They’re listed as med pop because people are sleeping and not online. 3 hours ago they were all full and in another 3 or so hours they’ll all be full again.


Are you on prime time? Mine goes low to high depending on time of day. Also, blizzard releases a few servers daily which get max out during prime time.


There was a blue post on the updates they did to better reflect actual population based on their new tech they are using. Blizz has increased the total number of players that can play on any server again as well.

Earlier today I noticed many at Full and many at High, with others at Medium. Please remember, even Medium population is many times greater then the most populated servers in 2006.

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Most people have jobs. And at some point need to sleep. I’m eating breakfast right now and drinking tea. Then I’m off to work, and will probably drive for uber later. I’m sure there are still a ton of people playing classic. When they aren’t working


Because it’s 5am?

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There’s a Blue post about the change in labeling of realm populations.


This is the perfect time to start an Alt. Starter zones are wiiiide open :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry but I have a census mod running and it is showing over 5.6k horde players on myzreal at about 6pm PST tonight on a server with a 30/70 split from the looks of things and that is more people than most realms had with both factions. I do not know where this is coming from.