Why are transfers still open to Earthfury?

Earthfury has been a popular transfer location with the long queues of other servers. This has been a good solution for alleviating the queue times on Incnedius. However, Earthfury has started seeing queues with transfers still available from Faerlina and Alliance-Incendius. A different path needs to be opened up and Earthfury closed.

This is based on three posts from Blizzard.

Explains how the new method of calculating a realm’s population will change to, “You’ll now see a High label if the realm is close to having a queue, and a Full label if the realm currently has a queue.” Even though Earthfury has a current label of high, it should read full, due to having a queue.

You may say, “But Tla, it was only one night!” My response is: Realm List Populations Updated -- Oct. 28

“Now, the Low/Medium/High/Full labels are based on peak population over the last 7 days.”

Finally, Blizzard saying they will close “Full” realms. Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

“Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.”

TL,DR: Transfers to Earthfury should be closed because it had a queue, which should put it at a “Full” population and transfers should be closed to it.

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They are morons for still having it open. I saw it at a hour que last night, and im sure itll get worse in the coming week or two.

Agreed. They need to shut it down before it becomes another March Incendius.

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