Medium pop still has login queue

…And why would they do that?

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It’s very strange. Stalagg had a 6000 person queue earlier and was only high population. Incendius was medium population, also with a queue.

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This comment is so ignorant.


Xerrick is probably right. I prefer an excuse where I can get angry with blizz but he’s probably right. And now almost through the queue!

Whitemane checking in. Medium Pop spot in queue was 2500 27mins ago

The way realm population display currently works once the servers are live is that High, Medium, and Low are determined dynamically, in terms relative to the most crowded realms. So a realm with pretty rough queues (say 4k-5k) might end up showing as Medium because you aren’t Faerlina, Herod, etc.

This is how it’s worked for a long time, but the unprecedented size of the queues on the handful of outlier realms is skewing the algorithm. The team’s first priority is stability and getting new servers online as needed, but beyond that, we’ll look into changing this logic to be more intuitive (i.e. showing “Full” when a server has a queue, for starters). I know, this is technically not #nochanges, but then again neither are 20k people waiting to log into the same realm…


Which of coruse is totally down to Blizzard’s refusal to LOCK SERVERS FOR CHARACTER CREATION when the numbers on that server hit the KNOWN CAP the server could handle without long queues.


You know what is a deviation off of Vanilla wow? Only having a hand full of servers. You guys dropped the ball big time on that one. Everyone was telling you guys that you need more servers.


And still doesn’t explain why OCE only had 2 starting servers when NA had 12…

This bottle necked most of us Aussies who wanted the pvp experience and locked us into the 1 server. Half of our friends/family were lucky to join directly after launch, I and some others had parental duties and had to start 30 mins later which put us into a queue of 10,000. During that queue after I had been queued for 4 hours you open up a second pvp server. I am not joining a second pvp server when the people I wanted to play with are on the first. So I waited out my queue time. Your server then crapped itself, and booted about 2000 - 5000 players which gave me a chance to join. I played for 5 mins and I along with another few thousand were booted and the original lot rejoined. I am back in a queue of 10000. I had today off to play. I have played 5 mins total. This is unacceptable. And all you can offer is “Oh this is how our algorithm works”. Poor form.


Then people would just complain they cant get on the same server as their friends. These Q’s will go away themselves eventually.


We knew it would be like this. We told you it would be like this. Everyone could see 20k queues coming. You MUST have known there would be long queues. Why the hesitation to have servers in place to handle extra players?


are there any other solutions being developed for the long queue times aside from asking people to abandon the names and communities they created during the name reservation event?


Imagine being locked out of being able to play with all your friends, with no warning

That would be a terrible solution. They should have started with more servers though




haha well done Blizz, thank you.


I understand the frustration: Anticipating and planning around jumping back into this world we’ve all missed, only to be stuck in a long queue, is not the experience we want anyone to have.

But from the start of planning for this launch, we’ve tried to prioritize the long-term health of our realm communities, recognizing that if we undershot the mark in terms of launch servers, we could move quickly to add additional realms in the opening hours. But if we went out with too many servers, weeks or months down the line we’d have a much tougher problem to solve. While we have tools like free character transfers available as a long-term solution to underpopulated realms, everything about that process would be tremendously disruptive to realm communities, and so it’s something we want to avoid as much as possible.

Thus, we took the path of launching with few enough realms to still thrive in the event that our most conservative estimates ended up proving accurate, while having enough servers ready to activate at a moment’s notice if needed. And clearly they were, and are, needed.

We’ve released over 20 new realms worldwide so far since launch, and we’ll be up around the clock continuing to do so until everyone who wants to experience Classic is able to. But even still, as we bring new realms online in a given region, we wait for them to fill before opening new ones, because we want to make sure that each and every realm has a healthy population in the long term.


Is it possible to get better notification to move beforehand on new servers? Like announcements saying “Server XYZ is at % capacity. Please consider moving?”

Herod was already Full when the first round of new servers came out.


are you adding these servers to accommodate the initial high demand (as a way of lowering queue times) or are you adding these servers because you all are actually projecting a healthy population size (long term) for each server you add? Only going on filling a server up doesn’t equal healthy server population (retail kids passing through could easily saturate a single server for instance).

Are adding new servers the only solution space you’re working in for addressing queue sizes?


Recognising if you undershot you could move quickly? I would say not quickly enough in terms of OCE servers.

By not having at minimum 4 or 5 OCE servers from the onset you bottle necked us into queues of 9 - 10 hours. And once we were disconnected due to server outages we are again forced to endure another 8hour queue. How is that reasonable?


The problem is the longer you left it the more people planned. Entire guilds started shifting and now won’t move because theres 30-50 people who know each other moving to the same server. I’m posting from EU, I’ve been in queue for 2 hours and I’m not even halfway through the queue on my server. I can’t move because everyone I know is playing there. What’s the proposed solution for that beyond playing on my own?


I think yall need to hire the old team back lol