🐉 Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings


Figured that this may be more helpful than the current catch-all format of the existing guild recruitment subforum. Hopefully this will make finding a RPPVP guild more user-friendly. Of course if guild forums suddenly appear, I can let this one die off after copy/pasting it into there.

If you’d like to post a link to your guild’s recruitment ad, I’ll link it here in the OP. Want your guild recruitment to be found and read? Just give a link! :+1:

If you want your guild listed below, please post a link to it’s recruitment ad on the blizzard forum (best idea) or it’s discord (not as great but will tag it next to the guild name)

An actual thread link to a blizzard forum thread explaining your guild is a good idea. Many do not use discord.

Clan Hammersong
Deadwood Sellswords
Emerald Alliance
Goodwill Company (https://discord.gg/WyaVj9)
The Idle Hammer (https://discord.gg/qFSR3K7)
The Kingfisher
Kul Tiras Marines https:// discord.gg/7MuQz2m
Lakeshire Guard (https://discord.gg/ykk2E2V)
Northern Alpha Company of Lordaeron (https://discord.gg/pauwN4F)
Redridge Irregulars (https://discord.gg/FRNqR3b)
Righteous Reclamation (https://discord.gg/3mDpeA)
Sacred Flame (https://discord.gg/xYxNsQJ)
Vigilant Crusade

Blackhand Legion
Daer Ru Verlorn (https://discord.gg/zxqrMZJ)
Darkwood Cartel (https://discord.gg/hSF6P5E)
Earthspear Clan (https://discord.gg/AWsky24)
Frostwolf Militia https://discord.gg/mED3PZk
The Grim https://thegrim.org/ https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H
Grunts discord.gg/mtGtzwJ
Orc Forge https://discord.gg/R4bUrrD
The Gallows End (https://discord.gg/3GK4Ax)
The Horde Army (https://discord.gg/5ufGAXW)
Mercenary (https://discord.gg/BDbpfjq)
The Red Wolves (https://discord.gg/KSH2hUu)
The Roughnecks (https://discord.gg/svaUzxM)
The Shattered Company (https://discord.gg/mXYwJjK)

[Grobbulus] With 3500+ Discord members, RPPVP IS BACK IN STYLE!
#RP-PVP Realms, Reconsider One Realm
Grobbulus (You -DO- belong)
How's Grobbulous looking?
Announcing RP-PVP in WoW Classic
Announcing RP-PVP in WoW Classic

Hey thanks!

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Added the handful that I could manage to dig from the catch-all.
Keeping them solely in alphabetical order.

Is Clan Battlehammer now Clan Hammersong?


Looking good!

No we are not clan battlehammer. But i do hear they will also be on the server


Is Gnome Tech still up and running?

Appreciate the bump, but do not do this.




Where are our Twisting Nether and Emerald Dream vanilla guilds?

Well, best case scenario would be to have separate realm forums. Putting this thread in the existing catch-all forum unstickied would defeat it’s purpose.

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Should put this in the Classic Guild forum. Would be nice if it was stickied there with other server lists so GMs could post. Doubt Blizz would do that though.

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There’s a huge guild listing on the Discord if you haven’t seen it yet.


Yes, but which discord? Aren’t there like 3 or more now? I grabbed the actual RP guild(s) from the “NA|Grobbulus RP-PVP” one.

Is one of the discords the go-to one?

edit: There have been guilds on both that discord as well as the blizzard forum that make zero mention of their intent to RP (in fact some that flat out state that they are not there to RP), and have not been listed as a result.

Grabbed the RP guilds from the reddit discord for Grobby. Will be adding guilds to the list as they are from here on out posted in this thread.

Thanks! Glad the hard part is over.

Why splinter?


Well truly seeing a few clans run around would be better then 1 massive one… Adds more to the RP of the server… But we shall see when the server gets stable maybe a merge will happen

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Thank you for adding us!

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So excited I will be rolling horde


Deadwood Sellswords represent!!!


I am no longer spelunking to hunt for formed guilds. If you would like your guild represented in this list, drop a post here with a link to the guild ad or discord!

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Will you still update the op?


Well, yes. If people post the link to their guild info in this thread. I am just no longer wading through discords and the blizzard catch-all of doom to find RP PVP guilds.


Thank you for this list! What a resource!
https://discord.gg/R4bUrrD IS the Discord information for Orc Forge!

Long live RP-PvP!

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Kul Tiras Marines

Website: www.kultirasmarines. com
Discord: https:// discord.gg/7MuQz2m