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Hail Everyone!

Its now time to start recruiting my brothers and sisters in arms for the release of Classic in just about 2 weeks time!

Clan Hammersong will be joining the RPPVP server and will be adding some amazing people and events into the community. Clan Hammersong is a pure Dwarven guild which plan to do it all from RP (Based out of Dun Garok), to PVP to defend our land, all the way to raiding to take down them mighty bosses. I am more then happy to answer any questions if you wish to message me on Discord. Gonna keep this pretty basic but please reach out if you are interested.


Pure Dwarven Guilds
:dragon: Grobbulus Roleplay PVP Guild Listings

Dwarven Overlords does it better.


Why would you come on to another guilds recruiting thread just to try to trash talk? Overlords must be real great lad, now run along if your going to be disrespectful


The very first time I walked into Stormwind on this game, I saw clan Battlehammer rp marching off to battle. I will never forget that moment. I came back to wow vanilla to make a dwarf and find this amazing guild. What are the requirements to join clan Hammersong?


We are not Clan Battlehammer lass. Whole differnt clan