[A][Classic] <Emerald Alliance> RP-PvP-PvE guild

"4 years have passed since the mortal races banded together, and stood united against the might of the burning legion. Though Azeroth was saved, the tenuous pact between the Horde and Alliance all but evaporated. The drums of war thunder once again.
The Alliance is in chaos, it’s king has gone missing, mere civilians answer the call to support their nation. Times like these… the Alliance needs heroes. Heroes ready to face the might of the savage Horde, protect the people of the Alliance, and face greater threats. Will you answer the call?"

Emerald Alliance is a guild built by players of the RP-PvP realm Emerald Dream on retail servers. This server is special, because it is the only server on the realmlist that includes every type of content in the game. PvE, PvP, WPvP, RP-PvP, RP, you name it, it’s available on Emerald Dream. It’s also special due to it’s community. The community of Emerald Dream is one of the most tight-knit, engaging communities in the entirety of World of Warcraft.
This guild was built with this server in mind. Our goal is to capture that diversity of content and have a tight-knit, engaging community. So, at this point I’m sure you’re wondering… What does the guild plan on offering once Classic becomes live on August 26th?

Community: I think this is what should start the list as it’s always the single most important thing in a guild. The main reason a guild exists is for community. We plan on offering not only a guild community filled with people who play together all the time, but also being engaged with the greater server community.

Levelling: Everybody is going to start Classic at level 1, so for the first few weeks of the guild, the main focus will be levelling. Levelling in Classic is no quick or easy task, which is why we will be helping each other level and doing it together. As it goes, Classic is a game not meant to be played alone.

PvE: We will do general PvE, i.e dungeons, contributing to the AQ opening, mob grinding, etc as seen fit by the members.

The <Emerald Alliance> raid team is a two-night, semi-casual progression team. While we are not looking to achieve server firsts, we will be taking raids seriously. Our goal is to progress at a manageable and reasonable pace through every tier of content. Raiders will be expected to know their *class/role/spec and be able to meet the demands of the raid. Since there are only two mandatory raid nights per week, we must use our time efficiently. Therefore, good performance is essential.

Raid Times Progression raid: *Sun/Mon @ 8:30pm-11:30pm CST Optional raid (for ZG/AQ20 or MC alt runs): Wednesday @ 9:00pm-11:00pm CST. This raid will begin in phase 4 *Raid days are currently tentative and may change depending on who we have. Times are set.

*One of each hybrid DPS spec (Ret paladin, Feral druid, Balance druid, Shadow Priest) will be allowed for progression. Exceptions for excellent players may be made.

PvP: Battlegrounds are a pretty great part of Classic, which is why we plan on doing them as a guild.

WPvP: One of the most famous aspects of the Emerald Dream server is it’s World PvP. Classic is an amazing expansion for WPvP, and we absolutely plan on doing much WPvP. Whether it be helping a guild member who’s getting ganked, Southshore VS Tarren Mill, small scale battles out in the world, or a full on raid of one of the Horde’s cities.

RP-PvP: The fusion of two great styles of gameplay, prepare yourself for epic, story infused small scale battles with Horde RP guilds.

RP: Roleplay is another staple of Emerald Dream, after all, the RP-PvP ruleset was originally demanded by Roleplayers who wanted more “spice” in their gameplay. We plan on roleplaying quite a bit, whether you just want a simpler world to do it in compared to retail, or want to explore the past of a new OC.

We are recruiting general members before the launch of Classic, but are mainly focused on filling our leadership ranks so that we will be ready to start creating this content once Classic is live.
Here are the current leadership positions open:
Instanced PvP Leader

These positions are already filled:
Guild Master
Raid Leader
RP-PvP Coordinator/Officer
Raid Officer
World PvP Leader

If you are interested in joining the guild as a general member, or filling one of these leadership positions, please contact me!
Contact info: Blizzard App: Jordrend#1941 Discord: Jordrend#6055


Fantastic. Can’t wait to see you across the field of battle in classic.


Hey, this is Araulura, raid leader for the Emerald Alliance. I’m super excited to go back to Azeroth and enjoy some amazing raids. As the post above mentioned, the raid days are tentative. If we do not raid on Tue/Thur, we will likely raid on Sun/Mon with the optional raid moving to Wednesday.

If you have any questions about the raiding division I will try to answer them as soon as possible!


Agggggh, It’s gonna be so great!

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I like it. May join you all.


Be sure to reach out to me if you do, we’d love to have you!

Come join us in Classic!

We now have a schedule, WPvP officer and almost 20 members! Join us!

Well on our way! It’s getting harder to wait the closer it gets to Classic

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Hey Im the WPVP leader, feel free to pm me on disc @ Trey#4424 if you’ve got any questions. We hope you join us in this journey.

I like your guild , and i am interested in joining i have only ever played paladins in classic and beyond…PVP mostly as Ret only but i always off heal and buff =:) of course haha

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We’d love to have you! Add me on btag Jordrend#1941 or discord Jordrend#6055

Seven days!

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Awesome! Was looking for an active Rp-PvP guild for classic!

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Are you still acccepting recruits? Gnome Warrior looking for a home.

Officers abandoned it, shortly /gdisbanded after, they no longer exist.

Aw that’s too bad. Any idea if there are active RP guilds on the server?

Don’t play classic so idk